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Where To Bet LOL Team to Slay the First Baron

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Being the most powerful neutral monster there is on the Summoner’s Rift map in League of Legends, Baron Nashor, or the Baron, will give a huge advantage to the team of anyone who kills it. This is why there’s a race to see who which team will manage to slay it first.

Setting out to kill it, the Baron will bestow the ‘Hand of Baron’ onto the team of whichever player provides the killing blow. With this power, the entire team then has a bonus ability power, along with bonus attack damage for a total of 210 seconds. This is why a ‘Jungle Champion’, or ‘Jungler’, will be especially assigned to taking it out, with it being located in the jungle regions along the river.

With this being such an important component of the game, it’s therefore no surprise that many see this as a fun prop bet to place on a game. Looking at this more in-depth, we’ll examine what it takes to be the team to slay the first Baron, and how you can make the most from this when betting.

Where To Bet On The LOL Team To Slay The First Baron:

America: All depending on when you use the site and what’s on offer at any given time, Bovada is your best choice in America. Providing different prop bets for each game, you should find something there that can make your bet interesting. Whilst you may not see everything you want on offer straight away, the site is extremely adaptable and more than open to any suggestions.

Canada: The best choice for eSports betting within Canada will be Bet365 Sportsbook, as this is where you’ll find the widest range of betting options. Giving you a number of different of different prop bets, you should be able to find whatever you need here. With the ‘team to kill the first Baron’ there for many of the leagues and tournaments, you should find it easy to make your bet.

Everywhere Else: As with Canada, Bet365 Sportsbook is again the best choice in regards to the sheer number of prop bets. With a wide selection running for all the current leagues and tournaments, it’s definitely one of the most accessible betting sites currently out there.

What is LOL Team to Slay the First Baron Betting?

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Located within the ‘Summoner’s Rift’ map, or ‘Field of Justice’, this is a monster much like the Dragons that are also found there. Unlike the Dragons though, Baron Nashor is a one of a kind monster, being far harder to kill. When he is killed it provides the ‘Hand of Baron’, allowing the team to get a major advantage in the match.

With the Baron attacking any player on approach, it’s important for them to acquaint themselves with all of his attacks. Here’s a quick rundown of his abilities:

  • Basic Attacks: these largely consist of melee attacks, single-target rear attacks and the area-of-effect rear attack.
  • Passives: includes the Baron’s presence (his spawning is deadly) and complete crowd control immunity.
  • Actives: consists of ‘Acid Pool’ involving spitting acid in front of him in a cone, ‘Acid Shot’, whereby he shoots acid in a straight line, and ‘Tentacle Knockup’, which sees him knocking up enemies at a set target point.

Taking this all into account, it’s clear why there’s such importance placed upon being the first team to kill the Baron. Whilst it may indirectly affect the outcome of the game, it still puts whoever kills him miles ahead. This is why the prop bet placed upon being the first to kill him is so popular among casual and seasoned betters alike.

Common LOL Team To Slay The First Baron Questions:

Where are they and when do they spawn?

Found in an alcove within the jungle, they’ll remain there until someone comes to kill them. Usually spawning later in the game, they’ll put up a powerful fight, which is why it’s always best to be well equipped and levelled up. Only attacking when confronted, it remains in its position until it’s approached.

Who is best equipped to deal with them?

Finding them is normally the Jungler’s job, as they’ll scout out the jungle terrain between lanes, whilst also taking out the Dragons. When they find them, it’s best they don’t attack them alone, as Barons tend to put up more of a fight than Dragons do. Getting a few fellow teammates, they’ll deal with the threat, whilst pooling all their collected resources up to that point, as the kill goes to the one who delivers the final blow.

How To Bet On The LOL Team To Slay The First Baron:

Bovada: Starting on the main page, you’ll find a list of options on the left-hand side, from which you’ll need to pick ‘sports’ just above ‘casino’. Underneath ‘Boxing’ this time, you need to go over to the left side another time, as you’ll find ‘E-Sports’ as the last one at the bottom of the list. Using the ‘All E-Sports’ roll-down menu above now, you’ll need to choose ‘League of Legends’ from the games’ list there. Down the center of the page you should now have all the game available, and you can find the props by selecting the bets option on each game tab.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Picking the ‘English’ from the home page, you’ll then be presented with all the sports down the left side of the page. Underneath ‘Darts’ is ‘Esports’, which you can follow through to all the games listed down the center of the page. Finding the league and tournament you want, you can then select the Baron prop in the listings, taking you through to completing the coupon and making the bet.

LOL Team To Slay The First Baron Betting Strategy:

Learning the gaming patterns of the player line-ups is probably your best starting point, as you want to know who has what in terms of skill. Whilst many of the sportsbooks themselves offer you odds, these aren’t always certain, and it’s better to keep up-to-date with what’s going on. Last minute changes can always effect the outcome of the game, something which you need to prepare for.

The main player you want to be focusing on is the team’s Jungler, as they’re the one that will lead the way on locating and taking down the Baron. Make sure to follow their gameplay in particular, which you can usually do through services like Twitch, prior to the match itself. This should then potentially heighten any bet you make, especially when making it alongside another, as it will heighten any game for you giving it that extra edge.

Where To Bet Specific Types of LoL Bets:

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.