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Where To Bet LOL Team to Destroy the First Tower

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One of the most important factors of any League of Legends games are the towers, or turrets, as these are what makes up your defence in the field. Fighting through these you can then make your way to the core base, or ‘Nexus’, of the opposing team, but towers are what stand in your way first.
There are four kinds of turrets you will find for each team on the field, each one being different to the next. Placed along the lanes, both bottom, middle and top, they are found in the lead-up to each teams Nexus. Shooting any enemies approaching, they must be defended at all costs, with some players assigned to defending them.

Destroying the first tower is essential to pushing forwards, as the next tower on will remain indestructible until the previous tower has been destroyed. This why so many find that a prop bet of the first team to destroy the tower is so popular, which we’ll go over in greater detail here.

Where To Bet On The LOL Team to Destroy the First Tower:

America: The best choice here is Bovada, as they have the most props available in the North American region. With a range of prop bets open for each game, they have the biggest selection going here. Also, you may not immediately find what you were hoping for, but the site is more than willing in taking suggestions and feedback.

Canada: Taking into account the number of props you have available here, Bet365 Sportsbook is your best course of action for this particular bet. With a whole range of them open for each league and tournament currently running, you should easily find what you want. You’ll also definitely be able to find the ‘team to destroy the first tower’ prop bet here too.

Everywhere Else: Looking at Bet365 Sportsbook again, you should find all that you require here. Giving the odds for each and every prop bet, you’ll have the entire range of options available.

What is LOL Team to Destroy the First Tower Betting?

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The defences to the Nexus are essential in maintaining, as the towers will ensure that anybody approaching the base is held at bay. Making up the core gameplay, the push down the lanes and through the minions past the towers is what will make up most of the game. Shooting automatically, they are difficult to take down straight away, which is why some preparation must go into destroying them.

Knowing each of the towers is important too, as they all have different defensive functions. Going up against them is difficult, and a plan is definitely needed. Here are the four main towers found during any game:

  • Nexus Towers: With two of them, you’ll find them both guarding the teams Nexus.
  • Inhibitor Towers: Guarding the Inhibitors, these are also important, as the Inhibitors themselves block super minions from being trained.
  • Inner Towers: These are found in front of the Inhibitor Towers.
  • Outer Towers: With these in front of the Inner Towers, these are the first to be taken down, which is where the bet for first tower to be destroyed comes into play.

With the outer towers being the first ones that players will come across during their assault, these will be the main ones to focus on when looking at the first one to be destroyed. Being the first team to destroy one is essential, as it will then place them in the lead, which is why many have found this to be such an ideal prop bet.

Common LOL Team to Destroy the First Tower Questions:

Where can the towers be found?

They’re found placed along the three main lanes approaching the opposition’s Nexus, with one in front of the other a certain distance apart from each other. With four of them, they’re spread out over a distance, with the final Nexus Towers being the last ones to destroy. Not located in the jungles, they’re easy to spot and keep an eye on over the course of the game.

What does it take to destroy them?

Usually it will take a few Champions to destroy a single tower, as they shoot anybody that approaches them. Within their radius zone it becomes extremely dangerous to attack them, especially with just one character. This is why many players choose to attack from within a group of their minions, as then they can easily avoid fire.

How To Bet On The LOL Team to Destroy the First Tower:

Bovada: From the main page you’ll need to select the ‘sports’ tab, which you can easily find on the left side just above ‘casino’. Down the left side is another longer list now, which you need to head to the bottom of selecting ‘E-Sports’, which is situated just beneath the ‘Boxing’ tab. At the top there’ll now be an ‘All E-Sports’ roll-down menu with a list of games to choose from, whereby you can select ‘League of Legends’. To find the props open to you, you should be able to select the ‘bets’ option from each game tab from down the center of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the main home-page you will need to select the ‘English’ language option provided there, which will then take you through to the sports section with all the sports available down the left-hand side. Below ‘Darts’ is ‘Esports’ which is what you’ll want, taking you through to the eSports section itself, with all the games rolling down the middle of the page. Choosing the league and tournament you want, you should then find the ‘team to destroy the first tower’ option in among the other props. Selecting this you’ll then be able to fill out a coupon and finish making the bet.

LOL Team to Destroy the First Tower Betting Strategy:

Firstly the map being used and the layout of the terrain and structures is essential to the overall outcome of this particular prop bet. Knowing who is playing which lane and what tactics they’ll be using is also useful. The odds provided by the sportsbooks can only go so far, and it’s important for you to make sure you know exactly what’s coming.

Keep on top of this by continuing to analyze the play of each team and player, making sure to pick up on what their styles are. You can find this through outlets such as social-media, along with watching them on Twitch, or viewing older games on YouTube. This should then give you what you need in order to make a more informed bet, elevating your viewing of the game as well.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.