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Where To Bet LOL TCL

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The League of Legends Turkish Championship League is one of Turkey’s foremost LOL tournaments, running all throughout the year. Consisting of both the Summer and Winter seasons, it’s overseen by Riot Games Turkey, with it being a national competition open to everyone across the country. How can you potentially profit from this, though, when putting down money and placing a bet, and what should you look for when predicting a winner?

Sponsored by the Vodafone FreeZone, which also makes up its official name, the TCL celebrates all the best that Turkish LOL has to offer. With ten teams in the Summer Season, and ten in the Winter too, there’s a lot of competition for them all to see their way through to the Playoffs. Taking place offline in real-time, the event is live-streamed before an audience, being widely available to the general public. As an eSport League of Legends has a worldwide following, and the TCL is a platform towards that, introducing a host of Turkish LOL talent onto an international stage.

Given that there’s so much competition here with a lot riding on the TCL, it stands to reason that the stakes are extremely high too. We’ll examine that in closer detail here, along with how you can make the most of that when betting on the matches yourself.

Where To Bet LOL TCL:

America: BetOnline is your best bet for all North American wagers on any and all LOL TCL wagers, providing some highly competitive odds.

Canada: Here you’ll want to use Bet365 Sportsbook, as this has everything you need when it comes to betting on LOL events in Canada.

Everywhere Else: For all those internationally outside of North America and Canada, they will again want Bet365 Sportsbook for all their LOL betting needs.

What is LOL TCL?

Starting out back in 2013, the world of professional League of Legends eSports has evolved exponentially throughout Turkey since then. Running in conjunction with the Turkey Academy League, the Championship tournaments is also split into Summer and Winter seasons, with Playoffs for each. Called the Şampiyonluk Ligi in Turkey, it’s a highly prestigious event, and one sought after by any aspiring League of Legends eSports star.

With qualifiers and playoffs, plus a large prize-pool being offered, there’s a lot riding on the TCL event, which runs annually. This is generally how the championship is currently formatted at this time:

  • Summer Season: Ten teams play in a double round-robin, with the top six qualifying for the Playoffs.
  • Winter Season: Same as the Summer Season, there are ten teams competing through a double round-robin, with six getting through.
  • Playoffs and Winners: Using best-of-five matches, the first and second places from the prior season go straight into the semifinals, as the champions of each season are found.

The winners of the Winter Season will go on to the mid-seasonal invitational, whilst the Summer Season champions get to play the Season World Championship, both events being on an international stage. Given that there’s so much at stake then, where should you invest your money when betting, and what are the winning signs?

Common LOL TCL Questions:

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What sort of bets are there and who should I look for?:

Depending on when you login there should be a range of bets available for the TCL, offering both overall bets, and individual match wagers. From the ‘To Win Outright’ bets, to the ‘Map’ wins, which focus on which teams will win which maps, you should be able to tailor yourself an interesting set of odds. Look at which teams tend to dominate though, as you can also place various different handicaps on them, increasing your chances of a higher payout in the process. Finally look at the players themselves, and where they tend to excel, including factors such as the champions used and the position they take, seeing how it will clash with the opposition.

How best can I watch the LOL TCL?:

You can usually find the games available through Twitch, with many of the matches being live-streamed there in real-time. Another option is YouTube, as a lot of the older games are available for replaying there, giving you the chance to catch-up on anything you might have missed. This should then also provide you with a number of commentaries too, although you may want to look around a bit first to make sure it’s English. Heading over to you should be able to download Pro View as well, which will give you the opportunity to watch the games from multiple angles.

How to Bet LOL TCL

BetOnline: Using ‘Esports’ just below the sign-in at the top of the main landing page, you then want to go on and select ‘League of Legends’ found under ‘Games’ on the left-hand side. You then have your available bets and events down the middle of the page, with ‘Outright’ and ‘Today’ open at the top. This should then allow you to gamble on any future bets, or see if there’s any upcoming matches open on that day.

Bet365 Sportsbook: At the top of the first page is the ‘Sports’ tab, which will then take you through to ‘Esports’ down the left-hand side, just below ‘Darts’. You should then be able to find all the available eSports and events listed alphabetically down the middle of the page, with ‘LOL – TCL’ nearer to the top when available. There’s then the relevant betting markets and subsections opening up underneath, along with the ‘Outright’ betting tab at the top, giving you all you need to create the betting coupon you want.

LOL TCL Betting Strategy:

League of Legends is very much a team game, and it’s up to every member to do their part, with each of them taking an important role. While one may go on the attack, the other may take defence, or, working as a Jungler, building up the teams resources. Looking at the map itself is essential, seeing not just how they handle it, but what changes have been made, such as patches and updates.

Any information, however seemingly minor, can make or break a game, so you must pay attention to detail. Keep yourself up-to-date through social-media and online newsfeeds, and you should be able to create a bet that you ultimately feel more comfortable with.

Where To Bet Specific Types of LoL Bets:

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.