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Where To Bet The Portuguese Primeira Liga


Acting as the top professional division for all Soccer throughout Portugal, the Primeira Liga is league that really sets the standard for all Portuguese Football. Organized through the Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional, it’s a well established tournament, bringing in talent from all across the country. In this article we’ll now examine it closer, looking at how it’s structured, and what this means when it comes to your betting.

Currently the Primeira Liga stands at seventh place in the official UEFA league ranking for all those across Europe. This makes it one of the more competitive tournaments around, as clubs and players compete for the chance to play on an international level. In the past it has also reached fourth position in the world ranking of Soccer leagues, lending it a strong history with a lot of high-quality teams rising up through its ranks. With a big reputation behind it, a lot of investment has gone into it over the years too, as it’s sponsored by the NOS media company, giving it its current name of Liga NOS.

Taking place annually, there’s a lot riding on the eighteen teams that take part in the event, all playing for the top prize. What can this offer you though, and how do you best determine where to put your money down when placing a wager?

Where To Bet The Portuguese Primeira Liga:

America: Using Everygame will be your best bet here when it comes to the Portuguese Primeira Liga in North America.

Canada: Everyone in Canada will be best served through Sports Interaction when it comes to betting on the Portuguese Primeira Liga

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is your best bet internationally when it comes to this event.

What is The Portuguese Primeira Liga?

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Starting out in 1934, the Primeira Liga has remained at the forefront of Portuguese professional Soccer since it first started. Originally called the Campeonato da Liga da Primeira Divisão, the league would go on to be officially recognized as the Campeonato Nacional da Primeira Divisão in 1938. Then, in 1999, it would finally become the Primeira Liga, with approximately seventy clubs participating annually.

Currently standing with the most championships is the team Benfica, with the Taça da Liga running in tandem with it as the Portuguese league cup. This is how the league itself is generally managed:

  • Main Season: Playing once at home and once away, all eighteen teams play twice, leading to thirty-four games overall.
  • Relegations: The bottom two teams of the season are relegated down into the Segunda Liga, whilst the first two clubs of that league are promoted.
  • European Qualifiers: Given a place directly in the group stage of the Champions League as part of UEFA, the top team gets to play internationally, whilst the second team goes into the play-offs.

This leads to many clubs coming and going, as the competition is strong throughout the entire event. How does this impact your betting though, and what should you look out for when putting down any kind of money?

Common Portuguese Primeira Liga Questions:

Which bets can I expect here and what should I look for?:

Mostly you’ll be looking at bets ‘To Win Outright’ as and when they come through in the various sportsbooks. This will give you the chance to put down a wager for which teams you think will win the league overall. While some teams may dominate the event as a whole, there can also be some interesting surprises, depending on who is playing and when. Keep yourself up-to-date, as some last minute changes can easily turn the game around, giving you a shift in the outcome that you could really profit from.

How do I watch the matches?:

With the exception of Benfica’s home matches which are broadcast through their own channel Benfica TV, all of the Primeira games are shown live on Sport TV throughout Portugal. For those in the United States, they can view the games on GOLTV, while GOLTV Play show them across Canada. Everyone in the UK can watch them on FreeSports, which is also the case for Ireland too, and other providers such as RMC Sport and DAZN show them in France and Germany. Worldwide you should be able to find them on RTP Internacional and SIC Internacional, with one game a week shown on both.

How to Bet The Portuguese Primeira Liga:

Everygame: Using the ‘Sportsbook’ tab at the top of the main page, you then want to go on and select ‘Soccer’ from down the left-hand side, in the ‘Top Sports’ section. You should then be able to roll down the left side again, finding the ‘Portugal’ sub-section. If available, you can then find the ‘Portuguese Primeira Liga’ option, giving you the open match bets down the center of the page now.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Following the ‘English’ language tab on the main landing page, you can then use ‘Soccer’, located down the left-hand side right underneath ‘Snooker’. This will then give you the ‘Outrights’ tab at the top of the page, followed by the countries rolling down the center. Near the bottom under ‘Europe’ you should be able to find ‘Portugal Primeira Liga’, which will have the ‘To Win Outright’ bet opening below it.

The Portuguese Primeira Liga Betting Strategy:

Given that the bets themselves largely center around the overall outcome of the league itself, you need to look at the history of the teams over the years. With a lot riding on each game, you should be able to find some interesting bets, despite some teams tending to dominate the league. Alternatively you can use it for safer bets, combining them with wagers from elsewhere in order recoup a smaller, but more secure profit margin.

See which teams are playing and what the line-ups are, along with the club management, as this can make all the difference in the outcome of a match. Once you have a clearer understanding of what’s on offer, you should then be able to successfully bet in a more informed manner.

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