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Where to bet Highest Scoring Half in Soccer


In this article I am going to cover the bet in soccer which half will have the most goals?

It’s a fairly simple bet to make, with only two variations to it. You can either bet:

– 1st Half or 2nd Half to have the most goals. If they have the same amount of goals, it is a push and you get your money back.
– 1st Half or 2nd Half to have the most goals, or bet on a tie instead. Meaning each half has the same amount of goals.

There are also a lot of variations and betting props related to goals in each half, which I will cover in this article. One common one is predicting the highest-scoring half for one team, as opposed to the overall match.

The best sportsbooks to bet this are listed below and are listed due to having this bet and the variables, other betting props related to it, and just how good the sportsbooks are for general factors such as bonuses, rewards, customer service, depositing, and withdrawing.

Where To Bet Highest Scoring Half in Soccer

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet the highest scoring half is Bovada. They offer the highest scoring half bet, and a wide variety of bets related to the halves such as both teams to score in each half, or in one half, half handicaps and many more.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook for this bet is Bet365 Sportsbook. The primary reason for that is not only do they offer this, but they also have so many different bets related to goals in each half. You can bet scorecasts for a half, if a half will have odd or even goals, individual teams’ highest scoring half, and much more.

What Highest Scoring Half Bets Are There in Soccer?

The most common bet you will see at most sportsbooks is the 3-way option; you can bet the 1st half to have the most goals, the 2nd half to have the most goals, or for it to be a tie meaning both halves will have the exact same amount of goals.

There are then a lot of variables related to each half, and goals such as:

Both Teams to Score: You can place a bet that both teams will, or will not, score in the 1st half. You can do the same bet for the 2nd half. You can also bet that they will, or will not, both score in both halves of the match.

Goal Lines: You can bet the over/under on how many goals will be scored in each half,

Home or Away Team Highest Scoring Half: You can bet the highest scoring half, with the same 3 options of 1st, 2nd, and tie, for either team that is playing in the match.

Exact Goals: Finally, you can bet on the exact goals which will be scored in each half.

Common Highest Scoring Half in Soccer Questions:

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What happens if the 1st half has 2 goals, and the 2nd half also has 2 goals but I bet the 1st half?:

When you place the bet, there are normally 3 options. 1st half, 2nd half, and tie.

If that was the case at the sportsbook you bet at, then this particular outcome, a tie, was an option.

That would mean that you lose the bet.

If the sportsbook only has 1st and 2nd half options, then it would be a push and you would get your money back.

How to Bet Highest Scoring Half

Bovada: Bring up the match that you want to bet this on, and click on “Game Props”. The Highest Scoring Half bet is available there. You click the option you want, with it being First Half, Second Half or Both Halves the Same, and then after it is added to your bet slip, type in the amount you wish to bet then bet it.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the match you wish to bet this prop, and then click on the tab “Half” at the top. This bet is listed under “Half With Most Goals” and all of the other variables are listed there as well.

Highest Scoring Half Betting Strategy:

First, you can see a lot of consistency in regard to the data. A lot of teams are slow starters. Others are fast starters etc. Of course, you can’t just take that as gospel – compare halves, look at who they have played, break it down by at home etc.

In the 2021/2022 season as an example, Southampton were a big first half team with 24 goals in 19 games. In the second half, they were lower but it still wasn’t a big difference with 19 goals. So that’s just variance. But then you look at how many they score at home in the first half and 16 of the 24 goals were scored then. They also concede 12 goals in the first half at home so that shows that they often play an open game at home and depending on the opposition.

Also look at games where there is a lot at stake, or the draw is a good result for both teams. You will likely see cagey affairs to start with, and they only open up a bit in the 2nd half. Many games in tournaments such as the World Cup, and even the Champions League, can be good for that.

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