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Where To Bet Video Game Simulations Online

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As computers become more sophisticated day-by-day, so too does the AI in video-games, with there being little difference to watching the games being played out in real-time by humans. This has opened up a world of gambling opportunities, as, without a sporting schedule dictating when you put down a wager, you can essentially place a bet at any time. Here we’ll take a look at how to make the most of this, seeing what’s on offer, and where you can put down money yourself.

For many sportsbooks this is a relatively new market, but it’s becoming a huge scene, as betters look to put down money when it’s convenient for them. Giving users the freedom to create their own schedule, as the virtual games occur online regularly, both late at night and the middle of the day. Many virtual sports are catered to as well, from basketball to soccer, and there’s usually something playing depending upon what sportsbook you’re looking at. These online events are especially popular when other real-time games have been postponed for various reasons, as they’ve become highly appealing in recent times.

Open to a wide range of markets across the world, video-game simulations and virtual sports are becoming increasingly popular with extremely competitive odds. What does this mean for you though, and where’s best to put your money down when looking to place any kind of a bet.

Where To Bet Video Game Simulations:

America: Bovada has something regularly running in the video game simulations department covering the likes of NBA 2K, Madden 20 and NHL.

Canada: The best online sportsbook for video game simulations is Bodog who cover the same as Bovada. They offer the best video game simulations and all stream via Twitch.

Everywhere Else: The best option is BetOnline. They offer up a variety of video game simulations such as the MLB game and Madden.

List of Video Game Simulations:

eNascar: This one is unlike the other video game simulations as it actually features real drivers. It’s really neat as they use the iRacing video game for all eNascar events currently. In this article I talk about where to bet eNascar and what betting strategies to use.

MLB / Out of the Park Baseball: MLB video game simulations are doing utilizing Out of the Park baseball, the most accurate baseball simulator video game. In this article I cover where to bet MLB video game simulations using Out of the Park Baseball and what strategies to incorporate.

MLB The Show: MLB The Show is the most popular baseball game on consoles, and some online sportsbooks are offering up the ability to bet on MLB The Show simulations. In this article I cover where to bet on these simulations.

NBA 2K: The clear leader in basketball video games is used to simulate games on a regular basis. The AI plays the game out and sportsbooks offer the ability to bet on it with a variety of bets. In this article I cover where to bet NBA 2K video game simulations (as opposed to the NBA 2K esport), what to look for when betting it and what strategies to use. Oh plus where to watch it of course.

NHL 20: NHL simulations are done using the video game NHL 20. In this article I cover where to bet the NHL video game simulations, what to look for etc.

Madden: From a viewing and betting perspective, my personal favourite video game simulation. I literally sit around watching this all day long and bet the crap out of it. In this article I cover where to bet Madden simulations, how to bet them, what to look for and where to watch.

What are Video Game Simulations?

Not to be confused with eSports, video-game simulations do exactly what they say, in that AI teams play off against one another.

This then allows spectators to watch and bet on these games, with the odds being based on the stats given prior to each match.

The bets provided are also eclectic, in that they can range from overall results bets, through to more specific props, offering everything you’d expect to find in a real match or sport.

Many of the big sportsbooks offer simulations now, with many also using popular video-game franchises as the basis for these simulations.

Here’s a selection of some of the virtual sports and video-game simulations being offered through various sportsbooks online and what they offer:

  • NBA 2020 Sims: Using the NBA2K game, or whichever version is the latest, this plays out online, typically through the Twitch liveballsims channel.
  • NFL 2020 Sims: This uses largely uses Madden, which you can again usually watch through Twitch, with livefootballsims.
  • NHL 2020 Sims: Playing through NHL 2020, this is another of of EA Sports popular franchises, this time focusing on NHL Ice-Hockey, which can also be seen through Twitch.

If you’re used to betting on traditional sports then it wont take long to become accustomed to their video-game simulation counterparts. Behaving much like real-time sports they’re easy to learn and pick-up on, as we shall see here, along with how to make the most of your money.

Common Video Game Simulations Questions:

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How fair are these games?:

This is a question plenty of betters have asked, but with these games being managed through many of the larger sportsbooks, there’s no reason to fear when it comes to the matter of fairness.

With the big sites and franchises riding a lot on their good reputations, there’d be no reason to risk it all for a quick easy win. Any games being set-up would be caught out almost instantly, especially in today’s fast moving online marketplace. Being able to observe the increasingly realistic footage of many of the simulated games being played out, it’s easier than ever to spot any inconsistencies in the gameplay.

Where do these games play out?:

You can view many of these games playing out online, with platforms such as Twitch hosting most of them. With channels such as livebballsims regularly showing NBA2K games, and livefootballsims showing Madden NFL 20 games, you’ve pretty much always got something on the go.

Some sites have started offering their own real-time simulations as well, which you should be able to watch play out on their own platform. You need to keep in mind that many of these may be simpler in nature though, with the licensed properties usually taking place off-site through the various links provided.

How to Bet Video Game Simulations:

Bovada / Bodog: There’s a range of licensed simulated options found throughout the site, typically located in their real-time sports counterparts. For instance, ‘NFL 2020’ will be found under ‘Football’ in the ‘Sports’ section, whilst ‘NHL 2020’ will be in the ‘Sports’ and ‘Hockey’ section, and ‘NBA 2020’ will be under ‘Basketball’, and they’ll have ‘Sims’ next to their name. ‘Trending Events’ down the side will also have many of the events and simulations available, depending on when you login.

BetOnline: They are listed under “Sports Sims”. Click on the sport you want and all the information about when they start, point spreads etc and where to watch them is there. You have to be logged in then click on the bet that you want to make and it’s added to your bet slip on the right then you just need to confirm it.

Video Game Simulations Betting Strategy:

Really the power is in your hands for this one assuming you have an XBox or PS4.

Pay attention to the rules set forth by the sportsbook. Using NHL 20 for example – the games are set for 10 minute periods on all star difficulty and using current rosters. So when you see a game is taking place, go ahead and simulate it under those rules in NHL 20 a bunch of times. Yes there is variance but not as much as the actual sport. You’ll find there will be a similar result the majority of the time, and you can use that to bet.

Early on I was able to take advantage of this based on the performance of players in real life as opposed to their video game counterparts. Using the Minnesota Vikings for example – Kirk Cousins in game is a lot more trustworthy and reliable than in real life (even on MNF!). So the point spreads for the Vikings were quite soft and I was able to take advantage.

Run the numbers on your own and then bet accordingly.

Variants To Video Game Simulations:

Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.