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Where to Bet NBA 2K Simulations

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The NBA is the most successful basketball league, so it stands to reason that the officially licensed NBA 2K video-game series of the same name is also hugely popular. Replicating the experience on the basketball court, it’s an annual franchise, and one of the most realistic simulations of the sport to date. With this in mind, we’ll now take a look at the betting scene that has grown around online simulated basketball matches using the game’s engine, and how you can make the most of them when putting down your money.

As an institution the National Basketball Association is at the forefront of American basketball, being the leading organization for all professionals in the sport. The game itself is developed and distributed by Electronic Arts, with the first title brought out back in 1999, and it’s been released on an annual basis ever since. Improving on its predecessor each time, the technology behind the game has evolved exponentially, putting it at the cutting edge of technology. Simulating the realism of the sport, the players themselves also interact with one another in an increasingly advanced manner too.

Getting an idea of the algorithms being used and how the system is operated can help you bet more effectively here. This is what we’ll now examine in closer detail, seeing how to bet on NBA 2K simulations with a far greater degree of efficiency.

Where To Bet NBA 2K Simulations:

America: Covering the North American region, Bovada has the most to offer in the way of NBA 2K simulated match bets.

Canada:Everyone in Canada will want Bodog, as it provides the most options when it comes to betting on NBA 2K and any other licensed simulations.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook for video game simulations is BetOnline who along with NBA, also offer the likes of NHL, NFL and MLB video game simulations.

What are NBA 2K Simulations?

Essentially, it’s video game simulations of NBA games. They are simulated under conditions that will attempt to reflect real life scores.

Sometimes it’s been the case that simulations have been used to successfully predict the direction of real-world basketball matches. Whilst they may not take everything into account, video-games are becoming more and more advanced, and NBA 2K is certainly no exception to this. Many of the matches are streamed on Twitch, as sportsbooks are increasingly beginning to take advantage of this type of betting.

Whilst previously simulations have been run countless times to predict the most probable outcome of a match, here the AI faces off against one another based on the stats provided. This is how it currently looks in regards to the scheduling of an NBA 2K simulated match played out online:

  • Time: Running for a total time of forty-eight minutes, it plays out in real-time, just as it would with its real-life counterpart.
  • Commentary and Breaks: Not needing commercial breaks, a simulation from the current NBA 2K game is used, playing it online with the commentary from the game itself.
  • Betting: This is just as it is with traditional basketball, as you’re given all the bets you would otherwise find with a real-time match.

Most of the simulations play out on the Twitch platform through, along with online chat and commentary running simultaneously. How do you best get started then, and what should you look out for when putting down money on a simulated NBA 2K match?

Common NBA 2K Simulations Questions:

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What’s the best way to view NBA 2K simulations?:

At the moment the matches are largely played out on Twitch, with many of them running regularly through the channel. With more sportsbooks picking up on simulated games every day though, a lot more outlets will get involved in showing them. Already networks such as NBC Sports are showing their own simulated games, which you can view through their various different platforms. Some sportsbooks are working on hosting the games themselves as well, and it will only grow in the following years to come.

How are the results calculated?:

The scores are randomly generated, essentially working off an algorithm using a predetermined set of stats and odds. Given how sophisticated the programs running the matches are now as well, every possible outcome is calculated within a fraction of a second. This means that, whilst human error may not be accounted for, straightforward math is what’s driving the simulations. Stats are fed into the system prior to the matches taking place, and this is what provides you with your odds when betting.

How to Bet NBA 2K Simulations:


First select ‘Sports’ from the top of the landing page, and then choose ‘Basketball’ from the navigation that comes up below. Using the drop-down labelled ‘All Basketball’ now, you want to use the ‘NBA 2K Sims’ option when it becomes available, all depending on the schedule. The matches and bets will be listed down the page, and you can find the games to watch on Twitch at


You’ll first want to use the ‘Sports’ option, before selecting ‘Basketball’ underneath on the next, with the games down the middle of the screen now. There you will find a drop-down menu with ‘All Basketball’, and here will be ‘NBA 2K Sims’ listed within the options, if available. You should have all of the upcoming simulated NBA 2K events, and again the matches themselves will be playing through

BetOnline: Find “Sports Sims” on the sidebar and expand that and see if NBA Sims is listed. If so click on it and all of the games of that day will show up and you can bet on it.

NBA 2K Simulations Betting Strategy:

With NBA 2K being a video-game on the general market, there’s no reason why you can’t run your own simulated games before putting down any money. This should then give you a clearer idea of how the system works and what goes into it, but it’s not always entirely essential. Playing out much the same as a traditional game of professional basketball, you should be able to rely on your previous knowledge of the sport when putting down money.

Look at the stats and pay close attention to the numbers, not the players, and you’ll probably find it best to spread your bets out across the field. This will help to even the odds, as you’ve got the same amount of bets you’d get for a non-simulated game of basketball, allowing you to go about betting just as you would in any NBA game.

If you have the game yourself, simulate it on that as many times as you can. The variance isn’t as big in video games and you should see some common trends pop up.

All Video Game Simulations You Can Bet On

Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.