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Where To Bet DOTA 2 Online

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DOTA 2 should need no introduction – it’s the second game in the Defense of the Ancients series and is one of the most popular video games online – especially when it come to esports.

DOTA 2 has an incredibly competitive scene with many leagues and tournaments taking place all over the world and tournaments with prize pools in the multi million dollar mark. As of this writing it currently offers the highest prize pool tournaments out of all the esports.

In this article I’m going to cover the best sportsbooks to bet DOTA2 online. eSports betting is still in its infancy so it can be hard to find sportsbooks that offer not just specific eSports such as DOTA 2 but also a wide variety of bets.

In this article I’m covering the best places to bet DOTA 2 online – sportsbooks that not only offer a wide variety of DOTA 2 betting beyond the basics including props, but are also trustworthy and sportsbooks that I personally bet at.

Where To Bet DOTA 2 Online:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans is Bovada. I mean overall they’re the best sportsbook but for eSports they are tremendous. For DOTA 2 for example they offer all the tournaments and betting on those such as The International, the China Supermajor or the Changsha Major. They offer various props on each tournament as well as not only can you bet the winner but you can bet on who will reach the final, the region of the winner and much more. Plus they’re just a very trustworthy sportsbook who have been around forever.

Everywhere Else: There’s no online sportsbook that has taken to eSports like Bet365 Sportsbook. These guys have went to town with eSports and their offerings are unreal. You can of course bet all the tournaments here and their various prop bet selection is incredible. Just a few DOTA 2 props available to bet on are match handicap, First Team To Get X Kills, Team to Destroy the First Tower and Team to Slay the First Roshan.

Where To Make Specific DOTA 2 Bets:

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DOTA2 Match Handicap: In this article I discuss the DOTA2 Match handicap bets where you bet that a team will cover the handicap to win or when they lose they still “win” due to the handicap.

DOTA2 Map 1 Winner 2-Way: One of the most common bets in DOTA2 tournaments – who will win Map 1 and it’s 2-way betting with two outcomes. I go into detail on this bet in this article.

DOTA2 To Win At Least 1 Map: One of my favourite bets as I’m a fan of the underdog – betting on a team to win at least 1 map.

DOTA2 Correct Map Score: A tricky bet to predict but one which is good odds if you get it right as you attempt to correctly predict the map score between two teams in a match.

DOTA2 To Reach The Final: Like a team and think they can reach the final but possibly not win? This is the bet for you. I explain this bet, how it works, where to bet it, and potential strategy for betting it.

DOTA2 Region of Winner: You can bet on the winner of DOTA2 tournaments and you can also bet on the region of the winner. In this article I go in depth on that type of bet.

DOTA2 Team To Slay the First Roshan: A fun and popular prop bet in DOTA2 – what team will slay the first Roshan?

Where To Bet DOTA 2 Tournaments:

Asia Pacific Predator League: The Asia Pacific Predator League is a big competition covering the entire region of Asia. I cover where to bet the Asia Pacific Predator League and what betting strategies to use within this article.

DOTA2 Blast Bounty Hunt: Featuring six exclusive teams and managed by RFRSH Entertainment, Blast Bounty Hunt initially launched as an offshoot to their Counter Strike events. In this article I cover where to bet the DOTA2 Blast Bounty Hunt, a very fun event to bet on.

DOTA2 China Professional League: This is the top tier of Chinese esports and is broadcast on ImbaTV. In this article I break down the China Professional League, strategies to utilize and where to bet it.

DOTA 2 China Supermajor: The final major in the DOTA Pro Circuit, in this article I go in depth on DOTA2 China Supermajor betting strategies and where to bet it.

DOTA2 DreamLeague Major: The DOTA2 Dreamleague Major is organized by DreamHack and sponsored by Corsair. In this article I talk about thte DOTA2 DreamLeague Major, where to bet it and also cover the betting odds.

DOTA 2 Epicenter: Ran by Epic Esports Events, the DOTA2 Epicenter games take place usually in Moscow. In this article I detail the event, the betting options available and where to bet the DOTA2 Epicenter.

DOTA2 ESL One Hamburg: This enormous annual festival is a massive tournament ran by the Electronic Sports League. In this article I discuss where to bet the ESL One Hamburg as well as strategies involving betting it.

DOTA2 Hainan Master Cup: The Hainan Master Cup is an event in China that takes place annually. In this article I cover where to bet it, what strategies to use when betting it and what to know prior to betting the Hainan Master Cup.

DOTA 2 Kuala Lumpur Major: The Kuala Lumpur Major runs in collaboration with ImbaTV and the eGG Network although it’s ran by PGL. A huge event and I provide betting information related to it in this article.

DOTA2 One Esports Singapore Major: In this article I cover where to bet the big One eSports event which is an important stepping stone for many on the path to the International championship. Find out where to bet it and what strategies to use.

DOTA2 ProDota Cup: The DOTA2 ProDota Cup is a smaller Dota 2 event that is ran by ProDota. In this article I go into detail about where to bet it, and what betting strategies to use.

DOTA2 The International: The International is the pinnacle for every professional DOTA 2 Player. in this article I provide betting strategy as well as advise where to bet it.

DOTA2 X-Game Love: A smaller tournament but a very intense one with 16 teams battling for the prize money. In this article I cover where to bet DOTA2 X-Game Love.

How to Bet DOTA 2 Online

Bovada: Within the sports section click on “E-Sports” and then all the E-Sports will be listed. Use the drop downs at the top to filter to all DOTA 2 content. Once you have all that up you can expand each tournament listed by clicking on the right where it states the number of bets available.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click Esports on the left and all of theirs will be listed. It’s usually by popularity so Epicenter will be at the top then some LOL tournaments will be next. You just have to scroll down and you’ll see a wide variety of ESports and they are all clearly highlighted as to whether they are DOTA2 or not.

What DOTA 2 Bets / Props Are There?

There is an incredible selection of bets for DOTA 2 available.

The three basic ones are “To Win Outright”, “To Reach the Final” and finally “Region of Winner”. In these you are betting the winner, on a specific team to reach the final, and then of course the region of the winner of the tournamet.

The majority of tournaments also have a variety of props available though – one example is the First team to Get X kills where X = 10, 15, 20 and it can be map specific. Then there’s bets such as the team to destroy the first tower or offering up a total kills over/under, and a kill handicap.

There is a great selection of DOTA 2 props available at the sportsbooks we list above in our Where to Bet DOTA 2 Online section.

Common DOTA 2 Betting Questions:

Can I Bet on DOTA 2 for Real Money?

Yes you can. There’s obviously a betting marketplace like Dota2Wage but the online sportsbooks above allow you to actually wager real money on DOTA 2.

Where To Watch DOTA 2 Tournaments Online:

Twitch is the best place.

DOTA 2 Betting Strategy:

Knowing the teams and how they match up is always good. You should look at a particular match-up and really do the research. However one of the best things you can do is focus on the prop bets as opposed to the “who will win”. That’s good for any sport and it applies to DOTA 2 as well. Focus on those and you should be able to gain an advantage.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.