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Where To Bet DOTA2 One Esports Singapore Major

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The last major in Dota Pro Circuit season, the Dota 2 One Esports Singapore Major is an important stepping stone for many on the path to The International championship. Covering all of Singapore, it’s a tournament that seeks to find the best that the eSport has to offer, with sixteen teams playing offline. Looking at this tournament, we’ll now pay closer attention to what it means, and how you can make the most of it when betting.

Part of the official Dota Pro Circuit, it’s organized by One Esports who have been managing eSports in the region since 2019. They work alongside PGL Esports too, who oversee numerous eSports events, and have themselves been running since 2002. With a reach across the whole of Southeast Asia, it’s a massive undertaking, and it offers a substantial prize-pool as well. Broadcast before a live audience when possible, it has taken place both online and off in the past, with it usually being hosted at the Shrine Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Set at the premier tier of Dota 2 events, it’s a big honor for teams to get this far, and there’s a lot riding on being able to make it through. How does this tournament fare when it comes to betting though, and how can you spot the winners in the line-up?

Where To Bet DOTA2 One Esports Singapore Major:


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Everywhere Else:

Covering everywhere internationally too, Bet365 Sportsbook again offers all you need with the widest Dota 2 betting selection.

What is DOTA2 One Esports Singapore Major?

Heading the event is One Esports and the Pro Dota Circuit, making it one of the most highly anticipated events in the annual Dota 2 line-up. Hosted in Singapore itself, it normally takes place around the end of June, as it seeds players into the official Dota 2 championship; The International. Streaming the event, PGL Esports will be overseeing broadcasting it in the future, bringing it to a worldwide audience. Recognizing Singapore and One Esports as a Major, Dota 2 developers Valve awarded them the honor, securing their place as one of the many international hot-spots of eSports now flourishing.

The prize-pool currently stands at a massive $1,000,000 USD, along with 15000 Pro Circuit Points being awarded to the winning teams. Here’s what it looks like at this present time, with the tournament generally formatted along these lines:

  • Group Stages: There’s four GSL groups, with at least two teams from each region playing best-of-three, with the top two teams moving to the upper bracket, and the bottom two to the lower.
  • Playoffs: Using double elimination, the first round of the lower bracket is best-of-one, and all the rest are best-of-three.
  • Finals: It’s best-of-five for the grand finals, whereby the money and points are shared out accordingly among the top ranking teams.

Following this, winning teams will go on to play in The International, meaning that there’s a lot riding on these matches. Spotting these teams is what you want though, successfully predicting who will make it through to the next stage.

Common DOTA2 One Esports Singapore Major:

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What bets and teams are best at this level?:

As it’s one of the larger Dota 2 events on the way to the championship, it’s going to have plenty of options when it comes to betting. From the basic ‘To Win Outright’ bets, to the more specific ‘First Kill’ and ‘First Roshan’ props, there’s no shortage of choices. Make the most of them leaving no stone unturned, as you don’t want to limit yourself to any one single wager. Many of the teams present will have already made a name for themselves, so it’s best to focus more on handicaps at this level.

How can I best watch this tournament?:

With it being such a huge event, there’s plenty of live-streaming outlets available online showing the tournament. Twitch is the big one that’s available to everyone worldwide, with the oneesportsgg, oneesportsgg_a, and oneesportsgg_b channels showing all of the games between them. YouTube also has the ‘ONE Championship’, and ‘ONE Esports’ channels showing many of the games too, allowing you to catch up. Showing the games live through their various different social-media profiles too, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter @oneesportsgg as well.

How to Bet DOTA2 One Esports Singapore Major:


‘Sports’ is what you want first, followed by ‘Esports’, and then ‘All Esports’ heading the drop-down menu. Underneath this will be ‘Dota 2’, along with the ‘Singapore Majors’, taking you through to the projected bets in the middle of the page. From here you can select the ones you want, with the odds found beside them when available, taking you through to the individual bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Down the left side of the page you’ll want ‘Esports’, which then brings up all of the eSports alphabetically rolling down the page center. From here find Dota 2, and most events will be near the top, with the ‘Singapore Major’ located among them all. Go beneath it now, finding the bets you want, and taking you through to the relevant sections, allowing you to tailor your own betting slip.

DOTA2 One Esports Singapore Major Betting Strategy:

At it’s heart Dota 2 will always be a game based on team effort, as it’s very much the sum of all its parts when it comes to players managing the field. Everyone knows their position, and it’s up to you to spot the weak links, as, at this stage the opposition will definitely take note of them immediately. Paying attention to any patch updates is also essential, as it’s always the small things that can alter the overall outcome of a match.

Keep yourself up-to-date with any and all line-up changes, paying close attention to who the players are and what they have to offer. Once you have some idea of the projected favorites to win you can work back from there, building a more concrete selection of bets across the board.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.