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Where To Bet DOTA2 Map 1 Winner 2-Way

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One major feature to playing Dota 2 is its maps, as this is where all of the action takes place. What we’ll look at over the course of this article is the bottom left half of the map, this being called the Radiant, and how you can make this work for you when placing bets.

With the map being split into two factions, each half has its own name, with the top right being labelled the Dire, and the bottom left the Radiant. As it stands, the Radiant is the lighter half of the two, with it being themed brightly and far more natural. This then means that the team placed here may find it different to those placed on the other side.

Being able to place wagers on the game, one such popular bet is the ‘winner 2-way’ bet, which stipulates that you must decide on one of two outcomes, focusing here upon the winner of the match. For this particular article we’ll look at one side of the map, the Radiant, and how this can affect the outcome.

Where To Bet On DOTA2 Map 1 Winner 2-Way

America: Giving you the most choice in North America is the online sportsbook Bovada, as this is the best out there when it comes to betting on eSports. Simple to use and easy to navigate, most of the choices are there depending on when you log-in and what’s currently running. With an extensive Dota 2 range of options as well, it really does stand above the rest in this field.

Everywhere Else: For all those outside of North America internationally, they’ll want to choose Bet365 Sportsbook, as this has the most available. Giving you a whole range of different Dota 2 leagues and tournaments, you should find what you need here. With good odds provided too, it’s also one of the easiest to use.

What is DOTA2 Map 1 Winner 2-Way Betting?

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Some teams will fare better playing on one side rather than the other, and this is something to bear in mind. Certain avatars, or Heroes, will also be better suited to the Radiant side, such as the ‘Arc Warden’. Keeping an eye out for this is essential, as it should give you a clearer idea of how the game will evolve.

Taking a look at the Radiant, what are its key set of main attributes and advantages when playing on it? Here are just a few of them:

  • The Roshan’s Pit: this is a little closer to the Radiant bank, giving them the slight advantage here, with the Dire bank curving around it.
  • The Top Lane: with a Hard Camp nearby, it’s easier for those in the Radiant top lane to ‘pull’, which means attracting neutral creeps into the lane to fight, from this area.
  • The Radiant Jungle: sometimes there is an advantage gained when placing wards near to jungle camps, allowing the player to block two at once with only one ward.

These are just a few pointers for those playing this particular side, as they’re key to making progress in any given match. What does this mean when choosing a certain team for a specific 2-way bet though?

Common DOTA2 Map 1 Winner 2-Way Betting Questions:

When are you betting?

Where and when you place your bet is essential, as these are factors that can heavily influence the outcome of the game. For instance, the patch that the game is currently on (within the professional circuit), is important to keep in mind. Any slight alteration to the map can really change to path and progress of the teams throughout their matches. This also goes for the side that they’re playing from too, as some heroes and players find themselves better equipped to play in a certain style on specific terrains.

Which teams fare better?

Some teams really do work better when playing the side of the map best suited to them. You should be able to easily ascertain this by watching past games and seeing where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Keeping up-to-date with precisely who is playing and when is also essential , as this can really help determine where they’re going to focus their time and energy. Team line-ups are constantly changing, so be sure to keep on top of this.

How To Bet On The DOTA2 Map 1 Winner 2-Way

Bovada: On the main page you will want to select the ‘Sports’ tab that is located there. After this choose ‘E-Sports’, which is now located down the left side of the page, followed by ‘DOTA2’ from the roll-down menu titled ‘All E-Sports’ above. Now you’ll have all of the Dota 2 games rolling down the center of the page, giving you what you need from the ‘bet’ tab besides each one.

Bet365 Sportsbook: It is at the main landing page that you will want to pick the ‘English’ language tab there, taking you to the next page which features ‘Sports’ along the top. Next you will want to go to ‘Esports’ down the left side, followed by the eSports games themselves rolling down the middle of the page From this you should be able to find Dota 2 near the top, along with the ‘map 1 winner 2-way’ bet available for certain games.

DOTA2 Map 1 Winner 2-Way Betting Strategy

It is essential to first consider the layout of the map and how this is going to effect the players themselves. Whilst you may not need an encyclopaedic knowledge of every minute detail, it really won’t hurt to get a clear generalized overview of it all. The basic training stages of Dota 2 can help you here, as they should give you a rough idea of what’s needed.

With the odds given you should then be able to calculate a more profitable bet, especially if you notice any inconsistencies. Along with combos, you can then tailor something more fitting to your needs. This will also allow you to raise the stakes and create an all round more profitable bet for you in the long-run.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.