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Where To Bet Euro 2020


UEFA Euro 2020 is set to be a huge international event, celebrating the best of Soccer from all across Europe in the year 2020. Known to many as the Euros, the UEFA European Football Championship is held once every four years, as teams come together from all across the continent. With an event of such scale it stands to reason that there’s plenty of bets to be made, which we shall now look at here, along with the tournament itself.

Taking place throughout twelve cities across twelve UEFA countries, the championship will take place from the 12th of June right through to the 12th of July. Organized by the Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA, it’s been running since 1958, and is highly regarded by many. Prior to the Euro 2020 taking place is the qualifiers, which run from March 2019, through to March 2020, with fifty-five teams competing, and twenty-four going through. There’s set to be twelve host countries too, with the games happening in multiple venues, making this one of the largest Soccer tournaments to date.

Displaying some of the greatest talent from across Europe, it’s a competition of epic proportions, bringing in players from all over. How do you make the most of it though, and where do your bets come in when looking to put down any money?

Where To Bet The Euro 2020:

America: When it comes to the time of the Euro 2020 itself and for the qualifiers, Everygame is your best bet in North America.

Canada: Sports Interaction gives the most options for all of Canada when it comes to the Euro 2020 games.

Everywhere Else: Everyone internationally will want to choose Bet365 Sportsbook, as it provides full coverage of the Euro 2020.

What is Euro 2020 / the European Championships?

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The tournament would begin in 1958, although the initial idea for a European Football league would originally be floated back in 1927. Continuing to grow throughout the years, it would become a much larger event as more and more teams entered from all across Europe. At the end of the tournament, the winners are awarded the Henri Delaunay Trophy, named after the French Football Federation’s president who originally instigated the idea for the league.

Playing the games in a number of different predetermined cities, the matches take place all across Europe. This is how the overall tournament itself is currently formatted:

  • Group Stages: Following the qualifiers, the remaining teams are split into six groups, as they compete to go on to the knockout-phase.
  • Knockout Phase: Making it through the quarter and semi-finals, the teams use extra time and penalty shoot-outs to decide upon draws.
  • Finals: The remaining two teams play against one other in order to gain the final championship title.

With the competition happening once every four years, there’s a lot leading up to each event, as many predictions are made. Which ones are right though, and how can you best determine who will come out on top when it comes to betting?

Common Euro 2020 Questions:

What bets are available and how will I know what to look out for?:

Usually you’ll be able to find a separate section dedicated to the Euros through most sportsbooks out there. First you should be able to find the more general bets, with wagers dedicated to who the overall winners of the league will be. Then there’ll be bets on the specific stages themselves, such as the qualifiers and play-offs, along with various handicaps. Keep an eye out in the early stages to see who’s performing well, and what the tactics being used are, as this can give an indication of where clubs are headed.

Where can I watch it?:

In the UK the games will be broadcast live through both the BBC and ITV, as well as online through the iPlayer and the ITV Hub. Those in the United States can watch the games through ESPN and Univision, while Canada can see them through TSN and In Europe the networks vary from country to country, with Tf1, M6 and L’Équipe showing them in France, and RTL broadcasting them in Germany. Internationally there’s many providers, such as beIN Sports and ESPN again offering the games, all depending on where you are.

How to Bet On Euro 2020:

Everygame: From the top of the page use the ‘Sportsbook’ tab, before going on to find ‘Soccer’ down the left side of the page under ‘Top Sports’. You should then be able to find the Euros down the left-hand side again, marked as ‘European Championship’, either under ‘Top Competitions’ or ‘International’ further down. There’s also the ‘Qualification’ round to bet for the Euros, as this will take you through to the bets and matches themselves down the middle of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using the ‘English’ tab, followed by the ‘Soccer’ option on the left side under ‘Snooker’, you will find all the open markets down the page’s center. Going on to the ‘Euro 2020’ section, you can then open ‘Euro 2020’ and ‘Euro 2020 Qualifying’, both giving you the current bets available. From these you can then choose which matches and wagers you want to bet on.

The Euro 2020 Betting Strategy:

As mentioned before, you can get a good indicator of how things are going to progress during the qualifying stages. With there being a lot of build-up to the main event, you can gain an early insight into how things are going to go down with enough preparation. Seeing how teams handle themselves on the pitch, such as whether they opt for more of an attack style or defensive mode of play, will let you know which clubs are going to clash and how.

Once you know the layout of the league itself and where teams are heading and who they’ll be playing, you should be able to gain a better understanding of how the matches themselves will progress. With an insight into the teams and line-ups both on and off the pitch, you should be able to make a more informed decision when betting in the long-run.

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