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Where To Bet LOL Kill Handicap

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As with all sports, when it comes to betting on any given game it’s important to consider methods for levelling the odds on the playing field. This is especially the case with LoL, which is where the kill handicap comes in useful, so here we’ll briefly go over why this is.
With a tally for the total amount of kills made over the course of a single match of League of Legends, you can predict this beforehand, which is something many people attempt. Adding to this, people will also give one team a head-start in regards to the kills made on the field itself. This can be especially useful when one team in particular is known for dominating in this area.
Here we’ll provide a brief overview of what this means and how it can potentially improve your betting odds. It should also give you an insight into how you can make the game more interesting by equalling the playing field, giving you a more exciting viewing experience.

Where To Bet With a LOL Kill Handicap:

America:: The best site is Bovada, as you should be able to find pretty much all of what you need here, with it having the most available. Whilst some bets may be more prominent than others, you should be able to find a different range of bets depending on the time you log on.

Canada: Here Bet365 Sportsbook will be the most useful site when looking for the most options in regards to this bet on LoL. Offering a set kill handicap along with the odds, you should be able to either give one team a higher handicap, or the other a lower handicap, all depending on who’s set to be more dominant. This is also calculated for each specific map too.

Everywhere Else: Again Bet365 Sportsbook is your best choice, as it will give you a kill handicap option for all the leagues and tournaments there. This does all depend on when you use the site though, as things are liable to change.

What is LOL Kill Handicap Betting?

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In each team’s quest to reach the other side of the field and destroy the opposing teams base, players must use their avatar to effectively prevent the opposite team from achieving this. That leads to them ‘killing’ the other players, which then builds a tally of kill points for each team. Some teams and players are more adept at this than others, which is where a ‘kill handicap comes into play, as it allows the gambler to even the odds by effectively putting the more dominant team at ‘minus kills’ before the game starts. This means that they then have to manage more kills if they want to remain on par with the other team’s score.

With players from all over the world taking to the stage, you’ll find that they also have varying degrees of skill and talent. For this reason you should therefore know exactly what’s involved in a kill itself:

  • Champions: This is the main crux of the kill in that one players avatar, or ‘Champion’, kills a champion from the other team whilst they’re vulnerable.
  • Abilities and Items: These can potentially assist the champion, preventing them from being killed, or raising their skills.
  • Death: When this happens the champion has their health taken down to zero, sending them back to the base to respawn, with the respawn time increasing with each consecutive death.
  • Multi-kill: Here the player will effectively get a ‘kill streak’, as they’ll kill a series of champions within a ten second time frame. These typically include ‘Double Kill’ (2), ‘Triple Kill’ (3), ‘Quadra Kill’ (4), ‘Penta Kill’ (5) and ‘Hexa Kill’ (6). If no enemy respawns quick enough following a Quadra Kill, then it’s 30 seconds till a Penta Kill.

There are many more factors involved in gaining a kill, such as team effort and creating enough of a momentum during the game. This can be done through levelling up, which also comes with a particular skillset too. Making yourself fully aware of what each and every team is offering should provide you with the information required for making a more informed bet.

Common LOL Kill Handicap Questions:

What’s a good starting handicap?

This can all depend on which team is playing whom. Remember, it’s the first few kills that are the most essential, as these are what can make or break any game. Whilst the later kills can rack up extremely quickly, you need to keep in mind it’s the first few that will give the team their all important head-start.

How can you know what a teams kill count will be?

Although nothing’s certain, there are ways for you to predict the outcome beforehand. Checking out previous plays and matches will give you a good idea to start with, which you can find through services such as Twitch and YouTube. These should then inform you of all the teams strengths and weaknesses which, when coupled with the odds given, will provide a clear picture of what you’re working with.

How To Bet With a LOL Kill Handicap:

Bovada: Going to the ‘Sports’ section from the main page, you should find yourself within the area you need. Then, using the ‘E-Sports’ tab below ‘Boxing’, you should be able to find your way into the eSports listings, after which you’ll have to pick the ‘League of Legends’ tab from the scroll-down menu at the top. This will then lead you into the LoL section, which will have all the leagues and tournaments, along with the bets you can make.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the main home-page use the ‘English’ language option to take you through, next choosing ‘Esports’ below ‘Darts’. Down the center of the page you should find the ‘League of Legends’ listings, with all the different tournaments and leagues, as you should be able to see the ‘kill handicap’ box to tick in most of them.

LOL Kill Handicap Betting Strategy:

Available for most tournaments, they will usually be available for most tournaments and playoffs. Keeping that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of what you need to lookout for:

  • Odds: Always check these first and foremost, as these are what you’ll be working with, or against, when creating your starting kill handicap.
  • Team and Map: Certain teams will work better on certain maps, using the terrain to their advantage. Make sure to prepare for this prior to the match itself.
  • Player Strengths and Weaknesses: These can be observed through outlets like Twitch, along with past matches, and they will provide a clear insight into who has a better chance than others of racking up a high kill score on the field.

Whilst this may not be an exact science, there are plenty of pointers that will put you on the right path. Just make sure to closely examine their gameplay and you should be able to avoid any last minute surprises, keeping your viewing experience fresh, fun and exciting.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.