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Where To Bet NFL Player Interceptions Thrown


There are so many betting options out there about the good things that happen in a game, but not nearly enough about the bad times. Yeah, touchdowns are cool and all that, but so are sacks and interceptions.

An interception can be absolutely backbreaking for a team in a game, but it can be quite profitable if you bet it right. Yes, you can bet on QB interceptions and it is a lot of fun. It’s one thing to root for your team, it’s another to root for your opponent’s failures.

The player interceptions thrown prop is a not one of the most common betting markets out there so this article is going to be all about them: how they work and where to bet them.

Where To Bet Player Interceptions Thrown:

America: You can place bets at BetOnline on interceptions caught. There are some great values on the players, but this is not easy to pick. At Bovada you can do various props such as what the first turnover will be – and choose the interception.

Everywhere Else: A website with many props is Bet365 Sportsbook. There are player interceptions thrown props as well as many other passing related props.

What is a Player Interceptions Thrown bet?

The way this prop bet works is with a simple over/under line set at 0.5 interceptions. The two sides, over and under, are then attached with a moneyline based on the likelihood of it happened.

An example would look like this:

Patrick Mahomes 0.5 – Over (+130) Under (-180)

The sportsbook in this scenario is really doubtful that Mahomes will throw an interception. If you bet $180 on the under and you are correct, it would only pay $100.

The odds of Mahomes throwing an interception are favorable at +130 which means that if you bet it, it would pay $130 on a $100 bet.

Common Player Interceptions Thrown Questions:

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What should I consider when looking to bet NFL Player Interceptions Thrown?

There is of course a consistency to each quarterback when it comes to throwing interceptions, just as there is anything else related to NFL Statistics.

You should be looking at how often a quarterback throws interceptions first of all. You should also look at the context of the game. Does the quarterback throw more interceptions when behind? That suggests a lot of desperation plays if so. Then you should look at the game in question – are the team expected to lose or are the underdogs? Then if they are likely to be behind, it makes it more likely that the quarterback will look to make those desperation plays and will throw an interception.

That’s not even factoring in the defense. Do they have good stats for picks? That sort of thing is also key.

What prop bets are there when it comes to player interceptions?

I’ve only seen the over/under which is usually set at 0.5 but sometimes 1.5. You can do props on the first turnover and whether it will be a fumble, interception or no turnovers.

What is the record for most interceptions in an NFL game?

The NFL record for interceptions in a game is eight. The record is held by Jim Hardy who set the record in 1950.

That came in a much different era of the NFL and the more modern record is seven interceptions which is held by six playeres. The most recent would be Ty Detmer who did it in 2001 for the Detroit Lions against the Cleveland Browns.

How to Bet Player Interceptions Thrown:

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left hand side of the page there will be a list of sports. Select “Football” and then scroll down to the “Player Props” section of the page. Find “Player Interceptions” on that list and you will see the odds.

Player Interceptions Thrown Betting Strategy:

If you are locking to bet on this, you should probably go on the over side. The best QBs in the game don’t throw a lot of interceptions and the odds on the under is always going to be tough to justify betting. Personally, I’d rather be rooting for an interception to happen then for one not to happen as all it takes is one late Hail Mary pass to throw everything away.

The key here is to look at some of the younger quarterbacks in the NFL as well as if any backups are starting for any reason. Experience is so key in the NFL and I’m looking for people who don’t have it who will make some dumb mistakes.

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