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Where To Bet the NFL 2nd Half Online


We’ve all been there. You made a big bet on an NFL game and now it’s half time and you’re pretty sure you have no chance of winning. It’s time to make a save to get some of your money back.

Enter NFL 2nd Half betting. The bets that have saved many a bad day for many players throughout the world.

This article is going to be all about those kind of bets. What NFL 2nd Half bets are, where to bet them and a lot more including how we bet them.

Where To Bet NFL 2nd Half:

America: Bovada

Canada: Sports Interaction is one of the best sites for betting the NFL in Canada and they have you covered for 2nd Half betting as well.

Everywhere Else: Tons of great options for betting the NFL at 888 including second half bets.

What is an NFL Second Half Bet?

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A second half bat is the same as any bet, but only for the second half. The first half score doesn’t matter. It is only for points scored in the second half of the game.

You can bet the following in NFL Second Half Bets:

Moneyline: Who will win the second half? A line is set so the favorite might be -200 so you’d need to bet $200 to win $100. The opposite would be true for an underdog.

Point Spread: A number of points given to the underdog for the second half score. For instance, the Patriots might be a -4.5 favorite against the Dolphins. That means the Dolphins would be +4.5 and they need to “only” lose by four to win that bet.

Over/Unders: A total for the number of second half points. A 23.5 total would mean you bet whether you think the teams will combine for 24 or more points (over) or go under (23 points or less).

Common NFL 2nd Half Questions:

How do second half underdogs do in games?

According to Sports Insights, from 2003-2016 second half underdogs were 1348-1467. So this tells me that the lines are pretty right on when it comes to second half lines and you need to search for value.

How To Bet NFL 2nd Halves:

The NFL is always prominent on betting sites. Just head to the “football” section of your site and search for the games that are near ending the first half. The lines will be up quickly after that.

NFL Second Half Betting Strategy:

The thing with betting the second half is time. It’s only half of a game remaining so the more points you can get, the less time the other team has to beat that.

Teams with big leads will tend to play very protective and not look to score. This makes teams with a 7+ point spread a really great value.

Variants To A NFL 2nd Half Bets:

  • NFL 1st Half
  • NFL 1st Quarter
  • NFL 2nd Quarter
  • NFL 3rd Quarter
  • NFL 4th Quarter