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Where To Bet NFL Regular Season Wins


One of the first things I do when getting ready for the upcoming NFL season is take a look at the NFL Regular Season Wins. The win totals not only help you get an idea of where Vegas sees the teams slotting in the standings, but it is also a lot of fun to bet.

I try to make a few win total bets every season. I normally take the over on my favorite team because of course I do and then look for some great values. Trying to find the worst team and going under, trying to find the surprising playoff team and going over, and trying to pick the best team in the league.

This article is going to get into a bit more about NFL Regular Season Wins including where to bet them, how to bet them, and my strategy for picking winners.

Where To Bet NFL Regular Season Wins:

America: BetOnline offer a wide variety of NFL props including NFL Regular Season Wins.

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook with a ton of NFL betting futures is Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer odds on Coach of the Year, Division Winners, and NFL Regular Season Wins.

What is NFL Regular Season Wins betting?

There are two ways that you can bet on NFL Regular Season wins.

Over/Under: This is the most common way of betting on a team’s win total for the season. The number will be set and you can then bet over or under the total.

For example:

New England Patriots 9.5

If you bet over, you need the Patriots to finish with 10 wins on the season for your bet to cash. The under will win on 9 wins or less.

Win windows: I’m not sure what these are actually called, but it is a range of wins that a team will finish with.

For an example, let’s stick with the New England Patriots.

0-4 wins (+1000)
5-9 wins (-125)
10-14 wins (-105)
15-17 wins (+2500)

The odds change based on the team and their likelihood of having a good record. So a team like the Jaguars are -250 for 5-9 wins.

Common NFL Regular Season Wins Questions:

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Has there ever been an undefeated team in the NFL?

There have been four perfect seasons in the history of the NFL. The 1934 Bears finished 13-0, but lost the NFL Championship game. The 1942 Chicago Bears finished 11-0 and lost the NFL Championship games. The 2007 New England Patriots finished the regular season 16-0, but lost the Super Bowl.

The only team to go undefeated in the regular season and the playoffs is the 1972 Miami Dolphins. They finished the regular season 14-0 and then won all three of their playoff games.

The 2007 Patriots, thanks to the expanded regular season and the playoffs, won the most games in a row without a loss with 18 straight wins. However, the loss of the Super Bowl ultimately cost them the perfect season.

How to Bet NFL Regular Season Wins:

BetOnline: Click “Football” on the left hand side of the page and it will display all of the betting options. Click on “NFL TEAM WINS” to see the regular season win totals.

Bet365 Sportsbook: When you enter the “Football” section of the page you will default be on the “Lines” page. Click “Futures” at the top of the page to see all of the available futures including regular season wins.

NFL Regular Season Wins Betting Strategy:

I feel like I’m beating a drum here, but it is definitely important to consider the quarterback. The best quarterbacks in the league are usually on pretty good teams and no matter how bad the defense is, they usually end up finishing with a pretty good win total. If you’re going to bet over, make sure you’re doing it on a team with a good quarterback.

One other thing that I will note is strength of schedule is really important. Every year we see a team make the playoffs because they simply had an easy schedule.

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