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Where To Bet NFL Player Passing Completions


The NFL is a real quarterback’s league with passing being such an enormous part of the game today. If you don’t have a good quarterback with a good completion percentage, you’re in trouble. A good QB who can make the plays is key to success these days.

The amount of completions can make your team into a winner and it can also make you into a winner in the world of sports betting. Betting markets for passing completions are growing more popular and this article will tell you a bit more about betting on them.

This prop can be a lot of fun if you just want to watch some passers do their thing. I am going to tell you a little bit more about how it works and where you can start betting it today.

Where To Bet NFL Player Passing Completions:

America: BetOnline has a ton of props for every NFL game including passing completions. You can also find passing completions betting options at Bovada.

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook that lists passing completions among their options is Bet365 Sportsbook. They also offer passing attemtps and passing touchdowns among their options.

What is NFL Player Passing Completions betting?

There are two different ways offered for you to bet on passing completions.

Over/Under: This is a preset total set by the sportsbook that you can choose if you think will be over or under. The number is set based on the player’s season average as well as his match-up.

An example of this would be the Super Bowl LV between the Patriots and Chiefs. The quarterback totals for this one would look like:

Patrick Mahomes – 28.5 completions
Tom Brady – 25.5 completions

As you can see the total is set slightly higher for Mahomes because he is a more prolific passer.

If you wanted to bet the over on Mahomes, you would need him to finish with 29 or more to win the bet.

At Least: The difference between this and over/under is that you only need to hit this number. There are no half numbers, just get to the exact number and you’re good.

However, there is one fun wrinkle with this one and that is the ability to adjust the amount that you can adjust the amount for higher or lower odds.

For example, the Super Bowl odds for Patrick Mahomes is 29 completions at a moneyline of -110. This means you would need to bet $110 to win $100.

With this you can adjust for more or less if you think that is too high or too low. So you could bet 27 completions, but the price would be -244 meaning a $244 bet would only win $100. You’d also be able to adjust higher as well with 35 completions paying out at +270 meaning a $100 bet would pay $270.

Common NFL Player Passing Completions Questions:

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Who has the most passing completions in NFL history?

The all-time leader in passing completions, as of the end of the 2020 season, is Drew Brees with 7,142 completions. He has a large lead over the next man on the list, Tom Brady.

Ranking third with 6300 completions is Brett Favre. Peyton Manning is fourth all-time with 6,125.

How to Bet NFL Player Passing Completions:

Bet365 Sportsbook: The football odds are easy to find here. All you have to do is click “Football” and it will show all the betting options. Then find the “Player Props” where the passing completions, attempts, and touchdowns will be listed.

BetOnline: Click “Football” and NFL on the left side of the page to display all of the game odds. Find the game you are interested in and click the red plus sign to display the odds.

NFL Player Passing Completions Betting Strategy:

The betting lines are a big favor to you as well as the over/under. I like to look for a game with a high total and then bet the quarterback from the favorite.

This is a simplistic version and it’s always good to do more research on the opposing defense and the quarterback, but this is how I get started.

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