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Where To Bet NFL Players Head To Head Prop


More than any other American sport, the NFL is all about rivalries. That extends not only to the teams on the field, but the players as well as everyone is looking to top one another.

Betting on the competition between two teams is one thing, but betting on the competition between two players is a lot more fun. Rodgers vs. Brady, Brady vs. Mahomes; the fun of this is not so much betting on the outcome, but betting on who will have a better game between the stars.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you’re going to love Player Head to Head Props.

Where To Bet NFL Player Head To Head Props:

America: BetOnline is the home of these props in the U.S. and they have a ton available. A nice thing about these is that they don’t offer just the stars versus the stars, but you can bet a receiver versus a tight end if you want to.

Everywhere Else: While Bet365 Sportsbook doesn’t have head to head right now, they still have a large selection of props available on their website.

What are NFL Player Head To Head Props?

This is a big market with a ton of different betting options. You can bet between receivers, running backs, and quarterbacks for this one.

Rushing Yards: The running backs from each side are matched up and you bet on which one is going to have more yards.

The odds are weighted with a moneyline because, obviously, not all talent is created equal. So, for example:

Leonard Fournette (-244) vs. Clyde Edwards-Helaire (+156)

Fournette has put up better stats and been the healthier player so he is the favorite. You would need to bet $244 on him just to win $100. However, if you bet Edwards-Helaire and he beat him then a $100 bet would pay $156.

Receiving Yards: The same with rushing yards only with receiving yards replaced. This one is a lot more volatile as its so easy for one play to change everything.

Most Receptions: Receptions, or catches, is a simple head-to-head battle on who will have the most receptions at the end of the day. This is one where you really need to know the defense.

Most Passing Yards: Now we’re talking. This is a quarterbacks league and betting who will have a better game can be a lot of fun.

Passing Completions: This is how many passes completed that the quarterbacks make. This is an interesting place to grab an underdog because teams from behind pass and we can see them put up some big numbers doing so, even in loss.

Common NFL Player Head To Head Props Questions:

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Who holds the Super Bowl record for most combined passing yards?

It was a crazy game in 2018 when the Eagles won their first Super Bowl over the Eagles. It was an especially crazy game in the passing game as Tom Brady and Nick Foles set a Super Bowl record with 878 total passing yards between the two of them.

An amazing thing about this is that they actually already had the record before the fourth quarter even started!

How to Bet NFL Player Head To Head Props:

BetOnline: Find the game you are looking for in the list of NFL games and click the “+” sign in red on the top right of the odds. This will reveal all of the props and you can find Head to Head in this area.

NFL Player Head To Head Props Betting Strategy:

The odds are always different for every game on this one, but I am trying to look towards speedy receivers who can have one big catch that sets them apart in this one. Put them against a possession receiver or a guy with a top defensive match-up, and you can potentially find some value.

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