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Where To Bet NFL Timeout Props


Timeouts are an important part of any NFL team’s strategy. We’ve all been in that spot where we are rooting for a team and see them waste a timeout early in the third quarter that ends up costing them later. Not knowing how to properly use your timeouts can kill a team’s chances and the ones that know how to handle them are often better equipped to win the game. Each team gets three timeouts per half, but how they use them is incredibly important.

A team can use their timeouts to manage the clock, avoid a penalty, or to stop a play from happening where there is something on the field that the coach doesn’t like. Coaches are often very hesitant to call a timeout until the final minutes of the half because they fear running out of them. They are actually correct in this thinking because in the second half, each timeout is worth roughly 3% in win probability.

Like all parts of the NFL game that are important, there is a betting market for NFL timeouts. Yes, you can bet on timeouts and if that sounds like something that you might be interested in, you’ve come to the right place. This article will get deeper into the NFL timeout betting prop and show you how you can bet it.

Where To Bet NFL Timeout Props:

Everywhere: BetOnline is one of the top sportsbooks on the web with many promotions and contests running throughout the NFL season. They offer a large number of NFL player and game props, including NFL timeout props.

What are NFL Timeout Props?

NFL timeout props are also known as First Team Charged with a Timeout bets. It is not to complicated of a bet, you are simply betting on which of the two teams in the game you are betting on will be the first to call a timeout. The odds are almost always even between the two teams unless one team is just notorious for calling timeouts early.

Common NFL Timeout Props Questions:

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Who can call timeouts in the NFL?

The only people allowed to a call a timeout in an NFL game are a player on the field or the head coach. Assistant coaches or players on the bench are not allowed to call a timeout. The players to typically call the timeout will either be the quarterback or the linebacker on defense. If an assistant coach calls a timeout and it is granted by the referees, the timeout stands.

Teams are not allowed to call a timeout during live play, only before the snap of the ball.

Can you call two timeouts in a row?

A team is not allowed to call two timeotus in a row in the same dead-ball period. If they attempt to, the referees are not meant to honor them and simply decline the request. However, if they erroneously accept the request for a second timeout then there will be a penalty imposed on them of five yards.

How to Bet NFL Timeout Props:

BetOnline: Find the NFL game that you are looking to bet on timeouts and click on it from the list of games in the NFL section of the sportsbook. This will display a large list of additional betting options for the game. Find “First Team Charged with a Timeout” to bet.

NFL Timeout Props Betting Strategy:

I am always surprised to see the odds being completely even on this one because I think the odds should always favor the home team. How many times have we seen a loud NFL crowd cause an away team causing an offense to call a timeout because they couldn’t get the play in or communicate properly? I feel like I am seeing that every week and that’s why I am betting on the away team to call the first timeout.

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