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Where To Bet NFL Quarters


The NFL is a constantly evolving game within a game. The comparisons to a chess match between coaches are not that far off as it is a constantly evolving game by possession to possession.

Thanks to that, each quarter is like a mini-game unto itself. Each quarter having it’s own unique identity and set of strategies for the coaches. The first half of the game can often see teams feeling each other out while the later quarters will see teams going all out in their final chances to win the game. It’s not always just a race against the other teams, it’s a race against the clock as well.

While betting on a game as a whole is the most popular betting option, many people like to bet on the individual quarters. That’s what this article is going to be all about. How to bet NFL Quarters, where to bet them and our strategy for betting.

Where To Bet NFL Quarters:

America: A great place to bet all sorts of football bets is Bovada. They offer betting options on complete games, quarters, halves, and much more. They also have a good selection of NFL Futures.

Canada: Sports Interaction offers a ton of options for NFL betting every Sunday. They offer moneylines, point spreads, over/unders on the entire game as well as on each individual quarter.

Everywhere Else: While the games may come on at weird times in their home base, 888 has a great selection of NFL options for every game of the season. They offer a wide selection of betting props on each game and individualized betting options for each quarter of the game.

What are NFL Quarters bets?

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NFL Quarters bets work just like regular bets, but are only for that quarter and what happens in that quarter. The score before the quarter does not matter, only the score that happens within the quarter.

You can bet the following with NFL Quarters.

Moneylines: Who will have the better quarter? A moneyline is set for the quarter and you pick a winner. A line will be set that favors the better team so if you want to bet on them, you will have to pay a premium.

For example, the Patriots might be a -200 favorite against a +200 Dolphins underdog. A $200 bet on the Patriots would pay $100. While a $100 bet on the Dolphins, if they win, would win $200.

Point Spreads: A point spread set on a single quarter. So while a team might be a -10 favorite, for that quarter they might only be a -2.5 favorite. In order to win the bet, they would need to win by 3 points to cover the -2.5 spread.

Over/Unders: A total set on the quarter that you can bet over/under on. Just like a point spread, if the total is 48 that means the quarter’s over/under might be 12. An over bet would require at least 13 points to win. An under bet needs 11 points or less scored.

Common NFL Quarters Questions:

What is the highest scoring NFL quarter?

Studies have shown that the second quarter is typically the highest scoring quarter of the game. There could be a lot of reasons for this: teams seeing something in the first quarter that they get a chance to exploit or the first quarter ending with a team in scoring position.

The fourth quarter is the second highest scoring quarter and it is easy to figure out why that is. Teams typically open up the offenses as they know they are running out of time to win the game.

How long are quarters in NFL?

Each NFL game is made up of four fifteen minute quarters.

How many quarters in NFL football?

A quarter is not just a clever name, it’s actually a division of the time in the game. An NFL game is 60 minutes long which is then divided into four 15-minute quarters. A “quarter” is one-fourth of the game while a “half” is one half of the game. See how that works?

How To Bet NFL Quarters:

Since football is such a popular sport, it’s often easy to find on a sportsbook. Bovada and 888 (they call it American Football) link it right from the top menu while Sports Interaction links it right from the left sidebar.

Once you get to the list of games, simply find the game you are looking for and click the “+” with a number and it will take you to the full list of betting options for that game including the quarters.

NFL Quarters Betting Strategy:

One thing that is good to monitor is the home team. The biggest advantage in scoring for the home team is the first quarter. Considering that the home team may not even start with the ball in the first quarter, that was surprisingly to learn and a first quarter bet on the home team can be a profitable play.

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