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Where To Bet NFL Parlays


One of the most exciting bets in football is the parlay. With a parlay you are picking two teams against the spread and if they both win, you win big. A typical single game bet pays on odds of -110. A typical two team parlay can pay 13/5 odds, over 2.5-to-1. For this reason, parlays are one of the more popular betting options in football.

Of course, they aren’t easy which is why the odds are so good. The more teams you pick, the better the odds get because the difficulty rises. Winning parlays is hard, but we’re here to help with that.

We’ll also show you how to bet parlays as well as where to bet them. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet NFL Parlays:

America: Parlays are as big a part of football as the ball and Bovada has you covered all NFL season long.

Canada: Sports Interaction has you covered for every NFL need you have and that includes parlays.

Everywhere Else: You can get parlays at 888, only they are called “Multiples”. For more on this, see below.

What is an NFL Parlay?

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A parlay is also known as an accumulator or combo bet because it’s one bet that relies on multiple results. For example, you could parlay the Patriots -7 and the Patriots/Jets Over 54.5 points. If both of those things hit, you win. If the Patriots cover, but the combined score is only 53 – you lose.

Both ends need to hit. You can do a two team parlay which is typically 13/5 odds all the way up to an 11-team parlay that pays 1500 to 1.

Common NFL Parlay Questions:

Are parlays a good deal?

Yes and no. Betting on two games and winning both of those games will pay you less as you are just getting 1.1:1 odds, basically. If you take those same two games and parlay them, you get paid 2.6:1 which is a lot nicer payday.

Of course, if we assume a 50/50 chance of winning both games then the “true” odds would be 3:1 not 2.6:1 so the sportsbook are still making out on you.

How To Bet NFL Parlays:

Bovada: Go to the sportsbook list of NFL games and select the games you’d like to parlay. From there, they will be added to your bet slip and you can select “Parlay” below them to parlay the games.

Sports Interaction: Click on all the games you are interested in parlaying and they will be added to your bet slip. Click “COMBINATION” and you’ll be able to parlay those games.

888: Select the games you want and add them to your bet slip. At the top of the slip you will see “Singles” and “Multiples” Select multiples to parlay those games.

NFL Parlay Betting Strategy:

I try to look for plays that have some sort of correlation. A good example would be a game where you like one team to cover the spread, but in order to cover the spread this game is going to have to go over. That is a great place for a two-team parlay.

Another great way to do parlays is when a sportsbook gives you a free play. Since this is free money that you can’t withdraw, you are best making a parlay that could pay big.

Variants To NFL Parlays: