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Where To Bet NFL Games


There is a reason that the NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the world: it is really fun to bet on. The spreads in NFL are unlike any other because the scoring is unlike other. Different things are worth different points and that has a major effect on the final score. Betting on NFL games is really unlike anything else.

There are a lot of options when it comes to betting NFL games and there a ton of different bet types and options to choose from.

In this article I will cover all the variants that you can bet on when it comes to an NFL game. From a simple outright winner to the point spread to the totals. There are a lot of variations of these bets, but the main form of betting on NFL games is those so we’ll stick to that.

Where To Bet NFL Games:

America: You can bet the NFL at pretty much any online sportsbook, but our favorite is Bovada. They offer competitive point spreads, tons of props and are always posting lines early.

Canada: Sports Interaction is the gold standard for betting in Canada. They have plenty of good options on NFL during the season.

Everywhere Else: There are a lot of great options for betting the NFL, but 888 is a place that I recommend the highest for folks in the UK and beyond.

What is betting on NFL Games?

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There are a few different options when betting here, but the crux of it all is that you bet on the outcome of an NFL game.

Bettors can bet on any of the following when it comes to NFL games:

Moneyline: This is betting on who will win the game regardless of point spread. Not all NFL teams are created equally so there will often by a positive or negative number attached to it. The favorite will get a negative number like -200 meaning that if you bet $200 you will win $100. The underdog will be the opposite with a -200 figure meaning a $100 bet will win $200. These vary based on the quality of the match-up.

Point spreads: The center of all NFL betting. The favorite will give points to the underdog team. For instance, if the Patriots are playing the Dolphins then the Patriots might be -7.5 points. That means that if you bet the Patriots, they need to win by 8 or more for you to win the bet. If you bet the underdog Dolphins, you need them to lose by 7 or less.

Over/Unders (Game Totals): This is the total amount of points scored in the game. You have to decide if that will go over or under that posted total. So, let’s say the Dolphins and Patriots game has an over/under of 42.5. If you bet over you need them to combine to score 43 points. It doesn’t matter how they do it, it could be 43-0, as long as they do it.

Game Props: There are a ton of game props that you can bet on any given NFL games. Everything from the first team to score, an over/under on rushing or passing yards, highest scoring quarter and loads of others. There are also alternate point spreads and alternate over/unders offered as well.

Common NFL Game Questions:

What is the most common margin of victory in the NFL?

In a study at SportsInsights, they found that three points was the most common margin of victory with it occurring 18.69% of the time since 2003. The second most common is seven points.

It’s easy to see why so many lines come out with numbers like 7.5 or 3.5 based on this. Be careful out there.

How To Bet NFL Games:

Football is one of the biggest sports in the world so the sportsbooks make finding the NFL betting options really easy. Simply find the “Football” button from the menu and all of that week’s games will be displayed for you.

NFL Games Betting Strategy:

There are a ton of betting strategies when it comes to football, but the one I am going to focus on here is one that is pretty easy to understand. Seek out underdogs with low game totals.

The thinking here is simple. You have a game that the sportsbooks think won’t have a lot of scoring and a team that is getting points in that game. It doesn’t take much for the dog to cover the spread and one lucky touchdown could change the outlook of the game. You have to do your research and try to make sure that you believe that team can win outright, but this is something to always keep an eye out for.

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