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Where To Bet NFL Coach of the Year


The Coach of the Year award has a somewhat weird history. There are a lot of winners that make up the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL. Bill Belichick has won the award three times, Bill Parcells won twice, and Don Shula won it four times. Then you have coaches like Jim Haslett and Ray Rhodes who are not the greatest coaches of all-time.

The mix of winners with this award is what makes it a lot of fun to bet on. It could very well be the best coach in the league who wins. Or it could be the NFL equivalent of a one-hit wonder. You just never know and the odds are always pretty juicy on the coaches for this one.

If you’re interested in betting on NFL Coach of the Year, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for more on how to bet, where to bet, and how to win.

Where To Bet NFL Coach of the Year:

America: There are many futures available to bet at BetOnline, including Coach of the Year.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a website that offers a number of great NFL Futures options. They have Coach of the Year, MVP, Win Totals and more.

What is NFL Coach of the Year betting?

The NFL Coach of the Year awarded is given out at the end of the season to the coach “adjudged to have had the most outstanding season” as voted on by the writers of the Associated Press.

Sportsbooks put out odds on every coach in the NFL on the likelihood that they are going to win. This is obviously an inexact science so even the favorites have incredible odds.

For example, this is what the Coach of the Year odds looked like before the 2020 season:

Brandon Staley 12-1
Sean McVay 16-1
Kyle Shanahan 16-1
Brian Flores 16-1
Arthur Smith 16-1
Kevin Stefanski 18-1

Even the biggest favorite would’ve paid out $1200 on a $100 bet. The eventual winner, Kevin Stefanski of the Browns, paid out at +1800!

Common NFL Coach of the Year Questions:

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Has a coach ever won back-to-back Coach of the Year awards?

There have been three repeat winners for NFL Coach of the Year since the award’s inception in 1957.

The first to do it was Allie Sherman of the New York Giants who won it in 1961 and 1962.

The second to do it was Don Shula, but there is an asterisk attached to this one. He tied for the award with George Allen in 1967, the only time two coaches won the award, before winning it on his own in 1968. Don Shula holds the record for Coach of the Year wins with four in his illustrious career.

Joe Gibbs is the third person to win back-to-back Coach of the Year awards, winning in 1982 and 1983.

How to Bet NFL Coach of the Year:

BetOnline: It is a bit confusing where the NFL Coach of the Year are located. To find them you need to click “Football” on the left hand menu and then scroll down to “NFL Player Futures”. The Coach of the Year odds are located in here along with MVP and Defensive Player of the Year.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Head to the “Futures” section of the Football section. There will be options at the top of the page on the football section listing Lines, Matches, Futures, and Standings. Click “Futures” and you will find Coach of the Year odds.

NFL Coach of the Year Betting Strategy:

Looking at the past few years of winners one thing sticks out: bounce back seasons and new head coaches.

The 2016 Rams finished 4-12. The 2017 Rams finished 11-5 and Sean McVay won the award. The 2017 Bears finished 5-11. The 2018 Bears finished 12-4 and Matt Nagy won the award. The 2019 Browns finished 6-10. The 2020 Browns finished 11-5 and Kevin Stefanski won the award.

All three of those coaches were in their first year as head coach. All made the playoffs. All won Coach of the Year.

If you’re looking for some of the best bets look at who hired a new head coach and which of those teams is likely to bounce back and make the playoffs.

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