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Where To Bet NFL Player Passing Touchdowns


The NFL has become a passing league and the quarterbacks that we are seeing now are some of the best to ever do it. We are always seeing records broken and they will be broken again going forward.

With more and more touchdowns being thrown, betting on player passing touchdowns has become a great betting market as well.

This article is going to dig deeper into the betting market of player passing touchdowns and show the ways that you can start betting it.

Where To Bet NFL Player Passing Touchdowns:

America: One of the best sportsbooks for betting NFL props is BetOnline. They have plent of options for each game and that includes passing touchdowns.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook has Player Passing Touchdowns listed among their NFL player props. They also have passing yards listed.

What are NFL Player Passing Touchdowns bets?

There are two ways that this betting market is listed, over/under and at least.

Over/Under: The number changes depends on the quarterbacks and the game situation, but typically it will be set at 1.5 or 2.5 touchdowns. You would then bet whether you think it would go over or under that number.

An example would be:

Patrick Mahomes Over 2.5 (-167)
Patrick Mahomes Under 2.5 (+120)

If you bet the over, a $167 bet would pay only $100. The over is favored here so the odds are steeper to bet it as it is more likely to happen.

At Least: This is a fun one because you can adjust the number to pay more. You are looking for the player to hit that number of TDs thrown.

So, the example would look like this:

Patrick Mahomes at least 3 (-167)

However, with this one you can push the number up. Four touchdowns would have a betting line of +188, 5 touchdowns would be +540. In the case of that last one, if he threw five touchdowns and you bet $100 – the bet would pay out $540!

Common NFL Player Passing Touchdowns Questions:

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What is the record for passing touchdowns in a game?

The all-time record for touchdown passes in an NFL game is seven. The record is currently shared by eight players. Those players are: Y.A Tittle, Nick Foles, Peyton Manning, Sid Luckman, Drew Brees, Adrian Burk, Joe Kapp, and George Blanda.

What other player props are there for betting touchdowns?

There are quite a few prop bets you can make. Some of them revolve around the quarterback and others include the receiving player. Such as the anytime touchdown scorer where you can bet any specific player will bet a touchdown at any time. You can also bet if they will score the first or last touchdown in the game.

You can also do bets on whether the quarterback will rush in for a touchdown during a game, or even how many rushing yards they will get. I’ve also seen the ability to bet on a quarterback to get a receiving touchdown – although that one is a rarity and I don’t advise betting on it unless there are very special circumstances.

How to Bet NFL Player Passing Touchdowns:

BetOnline: In the NFL section of the website, find the game that you wish to bet and click the “+” sign on the far right of that game’s odds. This will take you to the props for the game including TD passes.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Football” from the left hand side of the page and then scroll down to “Player Props”. In this section, you will see Player Passing Touchdowns.

NFL Player Passing Touchdowns Betting Strategy:

You have to go big or go home with this one. It is such a passing league right now that there is no point in betting on the unders here. Just find you a QB that is playing in a game with a high total and go for the over.

I like to look for solid value in the price, but the over is always my way when betting this one.

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