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Where To Bet BBC Sports Personality of the Year


Taking place annually, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year is a much sought after award for those deemed most worthy within the British field of sports. Now a ceremony with eight awards to hand-out, there’s much speculation as to who will receive them and for what, having built an institution around it in the process. This then leads to bets being made surrounding the event, and countless people placing wagers on the different awards, which is what we’ll now look at here.

Managed by the British Broadcasting Corporation, or the BBC, the Sports Personality of the Year is a televised event that’s been running since 1954. Starting with just one award, it would be given to a sports personality that the public felt had achieved the most that year through a national vote, which continues to this day. Since then another seven awards have been added over the years, including ‘Special Achievement Award’, ‘Manager of the Year’, and ‘International Team Award’ to name just a few. With a star-studded event set around the occasion, teams have also been included in the awards ceremony, bringing in personalities and stars from all over the world.

Due to the event being as high-profile as it is, there’s a lot of speculation and contention over who the winners will be. Being a star studded occasion with plenty of celebrities in attendance, as well as participating, it always gets high viewing figures. Because of this you should find plenty of exciting bets to be made, which is what we’ll break-down for you now, along with how to make a more informed decision when gambling.

Where To Bet BBC Sports Personality of the Year:

America: This being a British based awards ceremony, unfortunately it’s not currently available in North America at this time.

Canada: Head on over to Bet365 Sportsbook for all your BBC Sports Personality of the Year related bets.

Everywhere Else: This will be Bet365 Sportsbook again, with their bets being open internationally.

What is BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

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Taking place across the UK, the venues are pre-determined, with the dates for the event itself being in December, happening during the middle of the month. Starting at 7pm on the Sunday, they were originally created by the television executive Paul Fox in 1954 while he was an editor of the show ‘Sportsview’. Becoming a permanent fixture since then, the show has grown into an institution, with a whole range of celerities celebrating the occasion.

Starting up before the awards, the voting procedure takes place over a set period of time, with the shortlist being announce just a few weeks before. The general voting procedure follows along these lines:

Judges Panel: While it comes down the public vote at the end of it all, the shortlist is considered and put forward by an independent panel of experts from outside of the BBC.
Shortlist: Prior to the event itself, there’s a selection of nominees made public, which can include candidates from previous awards.
Public Vote: This takes place on the night itself, as the public either phones-in, or votes online, to make their selection.

There’s a lot of speculation over who will win what, with plenty of competition in the line-up each year. What should you consider then, and what do you need to know when making a bet yourself?

Common BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Questions:

What sort of people should I look for when making a bet?:

Some sports are known to be particularly popular, although it all comes down to the personality of the individual at the end of it all. With the shortlist being revealed prior to the main event, you can look for potential candidates who stick-out with a greater chance of winning. This will include such factors as media coverage of the people in question, including how much there was, and whether it was positive or not. Public perception of the nominees is essential, as it will come down to not only their personalities, but their achievements and how they were received. There have been multiple winners too, so make sure you look at the background of everybody before committing to any kind of bet.

How do I watch the event itself?:

Being a BBC event it’s broadcast live for everyone, as it’s presented by the BBC Sport department, which focuses on covering national sports for the North Division of the BBC. Typically broadcast on BBC One from 7pm running through to 9pm, it’s also available on their iPlayer online, usually playing live on a Sunday. This can be difficult to watch live for all those internationally though, but you can keep up-to-date with it online, with the winners being announced immediately. There’s also the BBC radio stations, who will have coverage throughout the event, with BBC Five Live, their sports station, being available internationally online.

How to Bet BBC Sports Personality of the Year:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using the ‘English’ tab from the main page, go ahead and choose ‘Specials’ from the left-hand side of the next. You’ll then want ‘United Kingdom’ from underneath, providing all the available British events down the middle of the page. Near the bottom you should find ‘BBC Sports Personality of the Year’ with ‘To Win Outright’ giving you all the nominees and their odds of winning the main award.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year Betting Strategy:

Start by seeing exactly who is on offer and what they’ve achieved over the course of the year, as this is the primary indicator for any winners. You’ll be able to select outright who will win from the available nominees, but you can also hedge your bets by spreading your money out amongst them. There’s also the option of requesting your own choices that haven’t been included, although those with the highest odds will be those shown. Keep yourself updated on any and all news surrounding each of them too, as everything can potentially change right up until the night of the vote itself.

Public perception can turn almost immediately, so you need to be aware of everyone and everything at all times. Social-media is the perfect place to start, as not only does this provide instantaneous news, but it also offers direct access to an audience of already engaged voters and what they’re thinking. This is an event with an well defined audience, and they’re the ones who are going to have the final say, giving you all you need to know to help make a more informed decision.

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