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Where To Bet NBA 4th Quarters


There are people out there that say you only need to watch the final quarter of an NBA game to see what happens. While that is a ridiculous oversimplification and the whole game matters, it is still one of the most exciting of the game.

It can also be a ton of fun to bet on. NBA 4th quarter lines are always tight and with games coming down to the final shot, these can be really exciting.

Where To Bet NBA 4th Quarters:

America: A great place for all your NBA needs is Bovada who also offer 4th quarter bets.

Canada: You can bet 4th quarters and much more at Sports Interaction.

Everywhere Else: Check out 888 for a great place to bet on the NBA including fourth quarters.

What are NBA 4th Quarter Bets?

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A fourth quarter bet is a made on the outcome of the 4th quarter of the game. Only the fourth quarter as you don’t add any previous scoring to the total, just the points scored in those 12 minutes.

You can bet the point spread, money line or over/under in the fourth quarter.

Some online sportsbooks will allow you to place 4th quarter bets prior to the game beginning. Others will allow you to place live bets at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The live betting is the more popular version of 4th quarter betting, simply because you never know how a game is going to be going. While one team may look to be a big performer in the final quarter, it may all depend on the actual score going into the 4th quarter.

Player props are normally not available to be placed during the 4th quarter.

Common NBA 4th Quarters Questions:

What types of teams score big points in the fourth quarter?

Different teams have different strengths, but the types of teams that you will consistently see at the top of the leaderboard for fourth quarter scoring are some of the worst teams in the NBA. In 2016, it was a lottery team in the Kings. In 2017, it was a lottery team in Brooklyn and in 2018 it was another lottery team in Atlanta.

Blowout losses lead to stars not playing which leads to teams like these putting up big points in the fourth. Keep that in mind.

Is data such as “who leads the nba in 4th quarter scoring” important when betting 4th quarters?

Not really to be honest. I mean yes it is helpful but it’s very general and it’s more about diving deeper and looking into the scenarios.

Knowing a team is a big 4th quarter team isn’t helpful by itself – you need to know when they are. For example the Toronto Raptors were one of the lowest 4th quarter teams in 2018-2019. Does that mean they suck or can’t finish strong? No of course not – it just means they were leading a lot going into the 4th quarter so aren’t putting in maximum production.

So then if the Raptors are down going into the 4th quarter, you can’t just write them off as “Oh they don’t perform in the 4th”. Instead you would want to look up the data to see how they do in the 4th quarter WHEN they are behind. That’s more important.

How To Bet NBA Fourth Quarters:

Bovada: The 4th quarters are easy to find at Bovada. Just click “Basketball” up top and then from the dropdown menu select “Quarters”.

Sports Interaction: Go to the “Basketball” on the left side and click the “NBA Games”. From there, find the game you are interested in and click the “+” with the number besides it. This will take you to a list including the 4th quarter odds.

888: Click the “Sports A-Z” up top and go to “Basketball”. Find the list of the day’s NBA games and click the “+” with the number beside it to find the fourth quarter betting odds and more.

NBA 4th Quarter Betting Strategy:

One strategy that can work for 4th quarters is to find a blowout game and take the underdog. Teams like the Warriors will get huge leads and take out their star players for the 4th quarters. The underdog team will not do that and we can see them make a mini-comeback, but not enough to win the game. Just enough to win the quarter.

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