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Where To Bet NBA Player Steals


Steals are a key part of NBA defenses and can instantly lead to easy buckets. It’s easy to think of some famous steals in NBA history as even thinking about a steal brings back memories of Larry Bird against the Pistons and the famous “there’s a steal by Bird!” call. That play and that call will forever be seared in my head.

Gary Payton was known as The Glove when I was first becoming an NBA fan and I wish I could’ve bet on his steal numbers during his heyday, but I was too young at the time. He averaged nearly two steals per game during his career and in the 1995-96 season he lead the league at 2.9 steals per game.

Steals are one of the hardest stats in the NBA to put your finger on. Some players are better at them than others, but to see big steal numbers in game after game simply doesn’t happen in the NBA. Players are too good at protecting the ball. That said, they do happen and some players are better at them than others. It is definitely something that you can bet on during an NBA game.

In this article, we’re going to talk a bit more about NBA Player Steals. How to bet them, where to bet, and more. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet NBA Player Steals:

America: Bovada offers betting on every game during the NBA season and can often put player props on games as well. The rule of thumb here seems to be the bigger the game, the better the betting options. They do offer Alternate Lines, Quarter and Half lines, and much more for every game of the season.

Canada: Canada’s top sportsbook is Sports Interaction and they offer a lot of props throughout the regular season. They don’t always offer Player Steals, but they do offer Player Points and Triple Double betting options.

Everywhere Else: The best place to bet NBA props online is 888. They offer NBA Player Steals, NBA Player Rebounds, Quarter and Half Totals, and much more. They have everything you could possibly want to bet in the NBA and they post odds on every game.

What is NBA Player Steals betting?

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A NBA Player Steals betting prop is an over/under set on the number of steals that a player will finish the game with.

For instance, a game with Russell Westbrook might see him have a total of 2.5 steals. You could then bet over meaning you think he will have three or more steals. Or under, meaning you think he will have two or less.

The number on this is set based on the player’s reputation and their average steals per game stats. Someone like Westbrook has a reputation of being very aggressive in going for steals so he is a player that you would see with betting odds on him often.

However, someone who is not known for steals would be unlikely to see betting odds. Why? It’s not really worth anyone’s time because no one is interested on betting on people to get steals when they don’t normally get steals!

Common NBA Player Steals Questions:

What is the record for most steals in a single NBA game?

The record for steals in an NBA game is 11 and it is held by two people. Larry Kenon did it for the Spurs in 1976 and then it was done again by Kendall Gill of the Nets in 1999 in a game against the Miami Heat.

There are many players tied for second with 10 steals in a game. Most notably, Michael Jordan did it in 1988 against the New Jersey Nets when he had 10 steals in only 27 minutes. That is the least amount of minutes for someone with 10+ by a large margin.

Allen Iverson is the only person to record nine or more in a playoff game when he had 10 in 1999 against the Magic. That was Iverson’s first ever playoff series. He also finished with 33 points that game to go with the ten steals, five rebounds, and five assists.

How to Bet NBA Player Steals:

888: Search “NBA” from the search bar and find the list of games. Click on the game that you are interested in and scroll to Player Steals.

Bovada: Click “Basketball” from the list of sports and from there you’ll see a list of that day’s NBA games. Click the “+” with a number next to the game and it will take you to a full list of props associated with that game.

Sports Interaction: From the lefthand menu on the screen, click “Basketball” and then “NBA Props” and you can find different props there for that day’s games.

NBA Player Steals Betting Strategy:

The key here is looking at the match-up. You can bet on someone like Russell Westbrook to get a lot of steals if his match-up calls for it. He is the type of player that I like to target when I am betting on this. In all honesty, going for steals can often lead to an embarrassing play on defense if you don’t get it. You need a player who is aggressive and willing to go for it, but also someone who believes in themselves enough not to get embarrassed. That’s Westbrook to a T.

For instance, in 2019 Trae Young was one of the worst players in the NBA at allowing turnovers. That might be a good chance to be the over. While he won’t guard that player 100% of the time, he will for the majority of the game and you want it to be someone known for coughing it up. Even team stats can work in helping to figure this out.

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