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Where To Bet the NBA Winning Margin


Picking winners in NBA is one thing, but beating the spread is a whole other thing. How many times have you taken the favorite and they fail to cover the spread by half of a point? I know I have one too many times.

One good alternative to this is betting the winning margin. In these bets you pick a team to win by a set margin, usually a three-point window. The odds on this are fantastic, but hitting can be difficult.

This article is going to explain about more about these types of bets. Where to bet NBA Winning Margin, how to bet them, and my strategy for winning them. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet NBA Winning Margin:

America: NBA Winning Margins and many other props are available at Bovada.

Canada: Sports Interaction is a great site for betting on the NBA and they offer both First Half Winning Margin and full game Winning Margin bets.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook has a great selection of NBA bets and tons of Winning Margin bets including 3-Way, 7-Way, and 12-Way Winning Margin bets.

At all books you will have the option of choosing a wide variety of winning margin bets.

What are NBA Winning Margin bets?

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NBA winning margin bets are when you bet that a team will win by a pre-selected range. For example, here is how the line might look for a Pacers/76ers game:

Pacers By 1-2 Points +1100
76ers By 1-2 Points +1000
Pacers By 3-6 Points +650
76ers By 3-6 Points +500
Pacers By 7-9 Points +1200
76ers By 7-9 Points +700
Pacers By 10-13 Points +1400
76ers By 10-13 Points +600
Pacers By 14-16 Points +2500
76ers By 14-16 Points +1000
Pacers By 17-20 Points +2500
76ers By 17-20 Points +1000
Pacers By 21+ Points +1700
76ers By 21+ Points +700

In this game, the Pacers are the underdog so the odds are slightly better for them. The difficulty of these bets are on display here as the odds are all really good with the lowest odds being 5/1.

The way these work is if you were to bet Pacers By 10-13 Points +1400 and the Pacers won by 10-13, you win. If they win by 9 (or less) or 14 (or more), you lose.

Common NBA Winning Margin Questions:

What is the averagine margin of victory in the NBA?

From 2010 to early 2019, the average margin of victory is 11 points according to research at Redband Sports. In each of those seasons, the average margin has fallen between a low of 10.6 points and a full-season high of 11.3 points.

How to Bet NBA Winning Margin:

Bovada: From the main sportsbook, click the “Basketball” link at the top of the page. From there find the game that you want to bet on and click the game. You will get a full list of the game’s prop bets including the Winning Margin.

Sports Interaction: On the left side of the page, find “NBA Games” under Basketball. Click on that and then find the game you are interested in. Click the game to expand the betting props and in there you will find both First Half Winning Margin and Winning Margin.

Bet365 Sportsbook: From the main page, click “Basketball” on the left side. All of the options will be displayed and you can click “Winning Margin” to see all of the Winning Margin odds for that day’s games.

NBA Winning Margin Betting Strategy:

You can find the average scoring margin for every team during the season online. You can take a look at those for each team, the home court advantage, and the spread to make your decision.

When I like a big favorite, one of my favorite things to do is take the posted spread and add +3 (or +6) to the winning margin. This will have better odds than the winning margin falling within the point spread.

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