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Where To Bet NBA First Quarters


The NBA is a crazy league, especially when it comes to travel. Teams play back-to-back, often getting into the town they land in at two or three in the morning. That can often lead to weird results, especially early in the game. One betting option I like to take advantage when it comes to these types of games is the NBA 1st Quarters.

The first quarter is not the whole game, but it is predictive. A lot of first quarters can be high scoring due to the “feeling out process” that each team goes through. A lot games can see the road team come out sluggish due to travel and that can be profitable as well. There are a lot of different options when it comes to first quarter betting and that’s where this article comes in.

In this article we are going to cover NBA First Quarter betting. How to bet them, where to bet them, what they are and our strategy for how to make money betting on them.

Where To Bet NBA First Quarters:

America: Bovada offers first quarter plays on each game of the NBA season.

Canada: You can find first quarter odds at Sports Interaction.

Everywhere Else: 888 offer first quarter lines as well with quite a few options including alternate lines.

What are NBA First Quarters?

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NBA First Quarters are a series of bets on the first quarter of an NBA and for the first quarter only. You can bet the following on NBA First Quarters:

Spreads: Each first quarter will have a spread that is a fraction of the game spread. For example, if the Rockets are a -4 favorie for the game they might be a -1 favorite for the first quarter.

Totals: An over/under will also be set on the first quarter. Similar to the game spread, there will also be a total set on the first quarter that is a fraction of the game. A game with a total of 210 may have a 52.5 over/under for the first quarter.

Team Totals: Exactly like above, but just for one team. Think Rockets over/under 25.5 points.

Moneylines: Odds set on the first quarter with odds skewed towards the favorite. Typically, this will be the same as the moneyline odds on the game itself.

Common NBA First Quarter Questions:

How does a team’s first quarter stats relate to their overal record?

A study by 82games on the 2005-2006 season showed that the first quarter had the highest correalation to winning percentage of all the quarters. Team with a great winning percentage had an 86 winning percentage in the first quarter.

As far as individual games, winning the first quarter meant wins 37 percent of the time, the highest outside of the 3rd quarter at .40.

However, when you look at net points per quarter to overall winning percentage you see that the first quarter has a 85% correlation.

Of course, this is just one season and a small sample size, but the first quarter seems to be one of (if not the most) predictive quarter.

How To Bet NBA First Quarters:

The NBA First Quarter lines can be find in the same way at every site we’ve listed here. Simply scroll to the basketball section where they day’s games are listed. Find the game you are interested in and click the “+” with a number next to it. Here you will find first quarters as well as first half betting options.

NBA First Quarters Betting Strategy:

As I mentioned in the preview, a good option for betting NBA First Quarters is to cover travel. A team on a back-to-back or a three games in four night stretch is more likely to struggle in the first quarter and that can be a great time to bet the home team.

In the playoffs, I love betting the first quarter for the lower seed playing their first home game in the series. This is usually the time where they are on their best game and the crowd is fully behind them. It can be a great betting option.

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