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Where to Bet KHL Online


The Kontinential Hockey League, or KHL for short, is one of the most popular hockey leagues in the world to bet online next to the NHL.

Formerly the Russian Superleague, the KHL was founded in 2008 and has teams from the likes of Russia, Slovakia and Latvia.

There are two conferences and then at the end of the regular season, there are playoffs which are best of seven and it’s all similar to the NHL. The Stanley Cup equivalent is the Gagarin Cup.

Where To Bet KHL:

America: The best place to bet KHL for Americans online is Bovada. They cover KHL and are one of the only sportsbooks that accept Americans AND go beyond the basics of betting. KHL betting at Bovada is listed under “Russia” and you can bet various props there such as both teams to score, the margin of victory and result based betting.

Everywhere Else: Without a doubt, the best place to bet KHL online is 888. For each KHL game they will have over 100 different betting options for you. They’re one of the only online sportsbooks that offer player props for the KHL. They offer good odds, scorecast and wincasts, and various props like “Away team to win after being behind”. Just so many crazy options that if you’re looking to bet KHL online, 888 is the best place to go.

How to Bet KHL Online:

Bovada: Under the sports section on the sidebar, click on “Hockey”. Then on the top green bar, click the “All Hockey” drop down and choose “Russia”. This will list the KHL as well as the VHL. However the top bar now has an “All Russia” drop down and if you click that you can choose “KHL” and just get KHL Games. If you click the +XX Bets” section to the right of each game it will expand that selection and list all potential bets for that game.

888: The quickest way is just to type in “KHL” in the search bar. However you can also navigate to it by choosing “Ice Hockey” on the left then you get all the games. You’d scroll down and expand the “KHL” section. This will list all the games then click the +106 or whatever number beside each game to see all of the additional bets available for that particular KHL game.

What Bets/Props Are There?

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As the KHL is a very popular league, you can find a wide variety of betting options for it. Just as many as you’d find for the NHL.

For example you have the basics – money line, puck line and over/under.

With the money line, it’s a very simple bet – what team is going to win the game.

The over/under is based on the goals in a game – the sportsbook sets a potential total say 6 goals, and then you have to bet if the actual total will be over or under that amount.

Then the puck line is handicap betting similar to point spreads in NBA and NFL. The favourite will be set at -1.5 and if you bet CSKA Moscow -1.5, then 1.5 goals is taken off their final amount. So you’d need them to win by at least 2 goals to win your bet.

However there are more options than that. You can bet on what team will score 3 goals first(or bet on “neither” if you think it’s a 2-1 type of game), bet the winning teams winning margin, bet on the highest scoring period, do live betting and so much more.

Depending on where you bet KHL online, you can also bet on player props such as goalscorers. Similar to soccer betting, you can bet that a player will score anytime, the first goal, the last goal or that they don’t score at all.

Common KHL Betting Questions:

Where can I bet KHL Player Props?

The best place to bet KHL player props is 888 but please note that they do not accept Americans.

Where To Watch KHL Online:

It’s not for all countries, however air many KHL games and I watch them in Canada all the time. That seems to be the only option.

KHL Betting Strategy:

With some hockey leagues they don’t get a lot of attention so you can do the legwork on the data and come out ahead. Not so with the KHL – the lines are very sharp and it can be tricky to profit from the KHL.

One thing I find with the KHL is that heavy favourites win a lot more than the NHL. In the 2017/2018 season for example, the odds for SKA and CSKA were about 1.15 to 1.30 depending on the game. However they won enough to justify it. I wouldn’t bet them alone however but I’d double them up.

For the rest of it it can be very evenly balanced with a lot of teams floating around .500 which makes for an exciting season and also makes for profits. Study the form and look for road underdogs who still perform well on the road. You’d be surprised how many of them are there for some nice profits.

Finally I have to say that anything that applies to NHL generally works well at KHL – even moreso. I really do feel that the results you expect come in more often than in KHL so go with the data to back it up and you will see less variance than the NHL.

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