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Where To Bet UFC


In this section I’ll cover where to bet UFC online.

UFC betting is available at practically every online sportsbook however there are some sportsbooks that are better than others.

Some sportsbooks offer the best odds for UFC betting the majority of the time – and UFC is a sport where the odds can vary greatly. One fighter at +220 at most sportsbooks can be as high as +245 at another.

Other sportsbooks offer a wider variety of UFC betting. For example there are some online sportsbooks where you can bet on JUST the winner of that fight. That’s it.

But what if you want to bet on the method of victory? Or how the fight will end? Or if it will be a draw? Or what round it will end in?

And then there are just plain good sportsbooks. Ones with good bonuses that are also trustworthy. Don’t just sign up for the first sportsbook you see. Follow my guide to the best online sportsbooks to bet UFC at.

Let’s break it down by country:

Where To Bet UFC Online:

America: The best online sportsbook to bet UFC at is Bovada. The reason is simple: they cover everything you could ever need in terms of UFC betting.

They offer a wide variety of props per fight such as who will win and in what round, or if the fight does the distance or not. You can bet on the method of victory and even do a points handicap. They also offer some reduced juice odds to get you the better price and offer various futures.

Bovada also offer Bellator betting.

Everywhere Else: The best sportsbook for UFC betting is 888. It’s simply due to the amount of things they cover – they’re amazing with everything that they offer for betting on the UFC.

The one issue with them however is that their odds aren’t up until a couple of days before the fight. So you might want an account at BetOnline as well if you like betting undercard fights etc. Note they don’t accept people from the UK.

If you’re fine with betting 1-2 days before the fight though, 888 are amazing. They offer a wide variety of betting options and props like “Any Fighter to win by Unanimous Decision” or what round the fight will end in. You can even combine rounds and say the fight will end in the 1st or 2nd round in a Championship fight.

Those are the best betting options for betting the UFC.

Where to Make Specific UFC Bets:

UFC Decision Finishes: Want to place bets on decision finishes within the UFC? Such as whether it will go the distance or other props related to the decision? I cover the best places to do that in this article.

UFC Method of Victory: One bet with a lot of variations to it is the method of victory. You can bet how a fighter will win, in what round, or just the actual method of victory regardless of who does it. Like betting a KO/TKO in a heavyweight fight. I cover all of that here.

UFC Rounds: There are a lot of bets related to UFC round betting and I go through them in this article.

UFC Submission Finishes: In this article I cover UFC submission finishes, what betting options you have in regard to those, and where to bet UFC submission finishes.

UFC Total Rounds: A bet you can make for UFC events is on total rounds with a variety of different bets related to that. I cover all of that within this article.

Where To Bet UFC Events:

Occasionally I will do a “Where To Bet” article on an upcoming UFC event or fight. You can find these here:

UFC 266: It’s not the main event but it may as well be! Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler! Where to bet the return of Nick Diaz here.

UFC 262: A great PPV with Chandler vs Oliveira and Diaz vs Edwards. I cover where to bet UFC 262 here.

UFC 261: Usman vs Masvidal – the rematch! I cover the best online sportsbooks to bet this event at in this article.

UFC 257: Specifically I cover all of the McGregor vs Poirier prop bets in this article and write about what the best sportsbook to bet the props at is.

UFC 244: This post covers Where To Bet UFC 244 with the main event of Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz.

UFC 246: This post covers Where To Bet UFC 246 featuring Conor McGregor in his return against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

UFC 259: 3 Championship fights! Can’t wait. I cover the best online sportsbook to bet UFC 259 at.

UFC 260: Stipe vs Ngannou 2! Can’t wait should be a stacked card. I cover the best places to bet UFC 260 here.

How to Bet on UFC:

Bovada: When you enter the sportsbook there will be a list of sports up top, find “MMA” and click that. All of the current MMA cards will be listed and you can sort by “UFC” in the pulldown menu.

888: On the centre of the site is a search bar. You can type in “UFC” and it will list the UFC section and also UFC Seasonal Bets. If you want to bet futures such as who will be a champion of a division by the end of the year, click “UFC Seasonal Bets”. If you want to bet on particular fights then choose the “UFC/MMA” section and it will list all fights. You can then click on each one to expand that section.

What UFC Bets/Props Are There?

MMA Deposit Bonuses

With UFC betting, you are betting on a particular UFC fight. The most obvious and basic one is betting on who will win in a fight. However you can bet on various other things in regard to that fight.

You can bet on the method of victory by any fighter or by a particular fighter, or the over/under on how many rounds it will go or even what round it will finish on.

All UFC betting is based purely on each individual fight.

Common UFC Betting Questions:

Can you bet on who will win “Fight of the Night” awards etc?

At this time you can not bet on any of the awards that are handed out or bonuses. No sportsbook offers lines based on that.

Where To Watch UFC Online:

Prior to any television show or pay per view, UFC will offer “Fight Pass Prelims” via their UFC Fight Pass. You can watch those at UFC.TV with a valid subscription.

They will occasionally air full events on UFC Fight Pass as part of your monthly membership.

You can also order pay per views via UFC.TV and can watch them on a variety of devices such as on computer, tablet, XBox or PS4 via the relevant apps.

UFC Betting Strategy:

The best thing to do when betting on UFC is focus on the undercards – especially on the TV cards. There are a lot of fighters where the research just hasn’t been done on them. Dive into their lives. Look at their previous fights outside the UFC. Follow them on Twitter and look at what they’re updating and how they’re doing. Watch the weigh ins and study them and how they look and compare that to previous times etc. There can be a lot of value with the more “unknown” fighters in UFC – and these days there are a lot of them.

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