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Where To Bet UFC 244 Online


In this article I am going to cover Where To Bet UFC 244.

I’m going to list not just sportsbooks to bet UFC 244 at, but the BEST online sportsbooks to bet UFC 244 at. Those are based on a large variety of factors such as the best odds available and deposit bonuses available.

This also includes general trustworthy, customer service and then selection of bets. Because let’s be honest betting on “who will win” is boring at times. It’s more fun to bet on props such as “Jorge Masvidal wins inside the distance” or “Kelvin Gastelum wins via KO/TKO”.

So before we go any further, let’s cover what you are here for – the best sportsbooks to bet UFC 244 at:

Where To Bet UFC 244 Online

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet UFC 244 at is Bovada. First of all they have their lines up faster than everyone else. In the week prior to any fights they are the only sportsbook to have prop bets up prior to 1-2 days before the fight. Their prop bet selection is excellent where you can bet on various props in regard to the fight outcome such as the decision, and the method of victory.

They also usually have the best UFC odds available out of all the sportsbooks. Honestly I usually always place my UFC bets here regardless of the event. It’s rare someone can beat them on odds and I trust them as I have been betting here since about 2004. They’re a true MMA book who offer odds for a wide variety of events including Cage Warriors and Combate. These guys take their MMA betting seriously.

They also offer live betting during events. That means that if you’re sitting there watching Ben Askren demonstrate his stand-up and you’re thinking “Huh – his standup sucks. I wish I could bet against him” then you can actually do that.

I’m speaking from experience as I was able to pop on at the end of round 1 and bet on Demian Maia at +100 odds.

Thanks Ben!

Everywhere Else: Honestly I’d stick with 5Dimes too. If you bet UFC or MMA it’s worth signing up here long-term. Yeah other sportsbooks like Bet365 Sportsbook will offer various prop bets too but no-one can beat 5Dimes in terms of odds. It’s well worth placing most bets here.

What are the UFC 244 Betting Odds?

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Odds of course vary based on the sportsbook but they aren’t too different usually. Where someone may be +170 at one sportsbook, he might be as high as +190 elswhere. You rarely see a bigger jump than that. These are the average odds as of October 29th, 2019:

  • Jorge Masvidal -160 vs Nate Diaz +140
  • Kelvin Gastelum -210 vs Darren Till +175
  • Stephen Thompson -135 vs Vicente Luque +115
  • Blagoy Ivanov -125 vs Derrick Lewis +105
  • Gregor Gillespie -175 vs Kevin Lee +155
  • Johnny Walker -155 vvs Corey Anderson +135
  • Shane Burgos -250 vs Makwan Amirkhani +210
  • Edmen Shahbazyan -120 vs Brad Tavares +100
  • Jairzinho Rozenstruik -155 vs Andrei Arlovski +135
  • Katlyn Chookagian -160 vs Jennifer Maia +140
  • Lyman Good -130 vs Chance Rencountre +110
  • Hakeem Dawodu -130 vs Julio Arce +110

What UFC 244 Bets Are There?

The most common bets you can make for UFC 244 and other UFC events are:

  • Who will win
  • If the fight goes to a decision or not
  • If the fight is a draw or not a draw
  • If one fighter wins by TKO/KO versus any other result
  • If one fighter wins by submission versus any other result
  • If one fighter wins by decision versus any other result
  • Bet which fighter wins and in what round
  • if the fight goes over/under a certain amount of rounds

Common UFC 244 Betting Questions:

What do the odds mean?

The odds listed above are known as “American Odds” and they’re essentially based on the $100 rule. Nate Diaz is +140 to win. That means he is the underdog as he has a positive sign. So if you bet $100 on him you would profit $140 and get a return of $240(profit plus your stake back). If you bet Jorge Masvidal at -160 you would have to bet $160 just to profit $100 (and you would get $260) back.

Does 5Dimes accept credit cards and bitcoin?

Yes it does.

Where can I do UFC 244 Live Betting?

Bovada offers up live betting and you can do that during UFC events.

In saying that, if you live outside America I’d actually advise you do your live betting for UFC 244 at Bet365 Sportsbook. They just have a much better interface. Even though Bovada has better odds even during live betting I just find it is so much easier to do at Bet365 Sportsbook when you are in a rush to place a bet.

How to Bet UFC 244 Online

Bovada: So click the link and register an account. Once logged in, you will be presented with all the sports. On the top is the “UFC/MMA” section. UFC has its own separate listing along with MMA. Click that to get all the straight up lines for UFC 244. However also be sure to select “MMA Props” so you can see the list of actual prop bets available for UFC 244.

You then put the dollar amount you wish to bet in the box beside the bet, and then click “Continue”.

If you wish to do UFC 244 Parlay Betting, simply click “Parlay” on the left then again choose “UFC” and “MMA Props”.

Is Nate Diaz fighting at UFC 244?

Yes. There was the drama involving him being flagged but long story short it’s all settled and resolved and he doesn’t juice and will be fighting at UFC 244.

UFC 244 Betting Strategy:

I’m going to stay away from specific tips here – instead I am going to steer you in the direction you should be looking at UFC betting as a whole – not just UFC 244.

First the “big names”. The popular fighters. The ones that casual fans recognize. They’re often overbet and are favourites when they shouldn’t necessary be. I’m not saying “bet against all popular fighters” but if you see a popular fighter, such as Kelvin Gastelum, listed as a decent favourite then that’s one I’d look into to see if there is value betting against him.

Look at the close odds fights and on UFC 244 there are a lot of them. This generally means that the sportsbooks don’t know who will win, and are letting the public dictate the betting odds. Those are the ones to pay attention to. Spend your time researching the fighters more than usual especially on the prelims. These are the fights where you can get an edge over the betting public, and come out ahead.

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