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Where To Bet Logan Paul vs KSI Rematch


Logan Paul takes on KSI in a rematch from their first fight, which took place on Saturday, August 25th. That fight had a controversial finish as KSI and Logan Paul went to a draw after 6 rounds.

The two have signed a rematch, which will take place in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center. It is on November 9th, 2019.

In this article I will be talking about where to bet Logan Paul vs KSI. I’ll not just be listing a sportsbook where you can bet it at; instead I’ll be telling you the best online sportsbooks to bet Logan Paul vs KSI at. This is based on a variety of factors such as signup bonus if you haven’t signed up at this sportsbook before, as well as betting odds, customer service and of course trust and reputation.

With that said let’s get down to the key question – where to bet Logan Paul vs KSI II.

Where To Bet Logan Paul vs KSI

America: The best place to bet Logan Paul vs KSI is at BetOnline. The main reason for that is the betting props available. There is only a handful of online sportsbooks offering odds on Logan Paul vs KSI, and they are all only offering one bet: “who will win”.

At BetOnline they offer MUCH more than that. You can bet on round by round betting, method of victory, and additional props such as round group betting. They’ve also got a great deposit bonus and have been around forever and are trustworthy. So if you are American, place your Logan Paul vs KSI bet at BetOnline.

Everywhere Else: First I should note that BetOnline will allow you to sign up – they aren’t exclusively American or anything. However I’d advise you place your bet at 888 instead. Not only are they trustworthy and with excellent customer service, but they have a wide variety of additional props there. They offer all of the props like method of victory etc, however also offer bets such as over/under number of rounds and also some very healthy draw no bet betting odds.

What Logan Paul vs KSI Bets Are There / Betting Odds

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I’m getting a lot of people from America searching for Where To Bet Logan Paul vs KSI so I am going to do American odds. For reference, if betting odds are +145 that means you would bet $100 to PROFIT $145. If betting odds are -150, that means you would bet $150 to PROFIT $100. It’s the $100 rule with American odds.

You can bet on the winner of the fight, with a push (your stake back) if it is a draw. KSI is the underdog at +155 while Logan Paul is the favourite at -210.

You can factor in the draw(no push if it’s the draw) with odds of Logan Paul at -200, the Draw at +900 and KSI to win at +163.

You can bet over or under 4.5 rounds. -139 is the odds for the over, +105 is the odds for the under.

If you think it will go the distance, +125 is the betting odds for that regardless of who wins. If you think it won’t, you can bet that at -167.

You can bet on the winning method for each fighter. Whether you want to bet Logan Paul by KO/TKO/DQ at +115 odds, or KSI by points at +400 odds. You can also bet the particular fighter will win in. So you could bet KSI in Round 2 at +2000 odds or Logan Paul in Round 3 at +750 odds.

You can also group them for example you could bet Logan Paul to win in Rounds 3 OR 4 at +400 odds.

To see all the odds, if you’re American visit BetOnline and if you are outside America, head to 888.

Common Logan Paul vs KSI Questions:

Are they wearing head guards in this fight?

No. Unlike the previous fight, they will not be wearing head guards in this fight.

What time is the Logan Paul vs KSI rematch?

It’s November 9th in Eastern Standard time when the card starts. Approximately 11pm EST we’ll see this fight, or 5am BST on the 10th.

Where is the KSI vs Logan Paul fight?

At the Staples Centre in LA.

How much money did KSI and Logan Paul make from their first fight?

There is no official numbers although it is believed that the fight generated $11 million in revenue. Many expect this second clash to double that.

How to Bet Logan Paul vs KSI Rematch Online

BetOnline: Click the sportsbooks name to visit them and open an account. No need to deposit at this time although they have a deposit bonus when you do. Once done, visit the “Sports” section and look under “Other Sports” to the left. There is a link to “Boxing”. Expand that. There are two options. “Bouts” will just allow you the straight up bet on who wins. “Boxing Props” will give you the option to bet all of the prop bets.

888: The easiest way is in the search bar at the top of the site – just type in “Logan Paul”. Otherwise click “All Sports” in the menu, followed by “Boxing”. Then scroll down to “Upcoming Fights” and click the plus sign to the left of the odds (in the KSI, Logan Paul row) to see all available bets.

KSI vs Logan Paul Rematch Betting Strategy / Tips:

It’s interesting that Logan Paul is such a heavy favourite. Many feel that due to his size and athleticism, he is going to take this one. However the guy just isn’t a professional. I’ve watched fights between amateurs and Youtube stars before. If you watched the first fight you know that Logan Paul didn’t have the cardio for it.

While I do believe he should be the favourite, it shouldn’t be that heavy. He just likes to swing for the fences and I don’t believe enough time has passed for him to have learned the patience that boxers require. And yes I know he has trained for this fight cardio wise but it’s a different level of cardio.

In saying that, the no headgears deal makes it more interesting plus the 10oz gloves. Just a question of whether or not they have the power. KSI also has been able to see Logan Paul fight, and knows what he is capable of.

The skeptic in me wants to ask who benefits most from winning. The two for example are benefiting from the draw in the first fight as this is expected to earn double the revenue. With Logan Pauls ability to build the fight better than KSI….I’d probably take KSI to win.

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