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Where To Bet AEW Revolution


AEW Revolution is a fitting name because the introduction of All Elite Wrestling into the wrestling world truly was a Revolution. It had been so long since WWE had a true contender and fans had a true second option of some pro wrestling to watch.

The first AEW Revolution was a huge success and it has become a regular part of AEW’s schedule going forward.

If you are looking to bet on this year’s AEW Revolution, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you where you can do just that and how to bet it as well.

Where To Bet AEW Revolution:

America: Whether you’re a Young Buck or an old man, BetOnline has you covered for betting on All Elite Wrestling Revolution.

Everywhere Else: Betting odds for AEW pay-per-views and select Dynamite events can be found at Mr Green.

What is AEW Revolution betting?

AEW Revolution is one of AEW’s big four pay-per-view events of the year. The event takes place in the first quarter of the year and features professional wrestling matches.

The way betting on AEW works is that the sportsbooks set lines on each side with a favorite and an underdog. It is potentially more profitable to bet on underdogs (because they are considered less likely to win) and more costly to bet on favorites (because they are considered more likely to win).

To explain further, check out these odds from 2020’s event:

Cody Rhodes +140 vs. MJF -180

This match was the payoff of a long storyline that dominated the first year of the promotion. MJF was finally getting his shot at Cody and he was the favorite despite being the heel.

A $100 bet on MJF would’ve paid $55. While if you bet $100 Cody and he won, it would pay out $140.

MJF ended up winning this one.

Common AEW Revolution Questions:

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What big upsets have there been at AEW Revolution?

The first AEW Revolution featured what some people have called the greatest tag team match of all-time with the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, taking on Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page. This match won many match of the year awards and was also the biggest betting upset of the night.

The Young Bucks entered as -250 betting favorites with Page and Omega being +170. The champions ended up retaining, making for a very profitable night for those who bet on them.

That was the only betting upset at AEW Revolution 2020. However at AEW Revolution 2021, we saw two betting upsets. Miro and Kip defeated Best Friends at a slight underdog price of +120.

The biggest betting upset in the history of AEW Revolution is Scorpio Sky winning the Face of the Revolution ladder match. He was +225 at that one, and joint second favourite with Ethan Page. Cody was favourite going into this match.

What is noteworthy is if you look back that one shouldn’t have been an upset. Scorpio was on a prior Dynamite on commentary beginning a heel turn, and this helped push him there.

How to Bet AEW Revolution:

BetOnline: If you are looking for the AEW odds, find the words “Other Sports” on the left hand menu. Click that and you will find “Wrestling”, the AEW odds will be in there.

Mr Green: The pro wrestling odds here are listed under “WWE/Pro Wrestling” so even if you are a big AEW fan who never watches WWE, you have to type “WWE” in the search bar to find the odds. My apologies.

AEW Revolution Betting Strategy:

Unlike WWE, AEW isn’t as much about subverting expectations. They are more concerned with telling good stories even if the results may seem obvious.

The first Revolution saw favorites win in every match except for the tag team title match I mentioned early. That included Jon Moxley being just -140 against Chris Jericho when there is no way on earth he should’ve lost that match.

Think of the right thing to do from a storytelling perspective and go with it. That’s usually what AEW will do.

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