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Where To Bet WWE TLC


Do you like tables? Do you like chairs? Do you like ladders? Then have I got the show for you! No, I’m not describing my garage, I’m talking about WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs!

This WWE event comes towards the end of the year and features one of WWE’s most famous matches. The TLC match grew to fame with the legendary matches between the Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, and the Dudley Boyz and has turned into its own event since then.

The match always features some crazy spots where wrestlers risk their bodies to entertain us so it’s usually a show worth tuning in for. It’s also a show you can bet on, so you know we’re all over it.

This article is all about TLC so if you’re interested in where to bet on WWE TLC, keep reading.

Where To Bet WWE TLC:

America: BetOnline offers betting odds on WWE TLC and the rest of the events throughout the year.

Everywhere Else: I’m here to confirm that the rumors are true, Mr Green has odds on WWE. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.

What is WWE TLC betting?

It’s pretty simple and easy to bet on WWE TLC and all WWE events. The way it works is there is a betting line set on the match with the favorite and the underdog each getting odds. The odds are more favorable when betting the underdog and more costly when betting the favorite.

For example, here’s a match from the 2019 WWE TLC:

The New Day (-265) vs The Revival (+180)

This tag team ladder match saw the New Day as big favorites. How big? Well, you would need to bet $265 on them just to win $100. While a bet of $100 would only pay about $37.

If you took The Revival, you would’ve made $180 on a $100 bet for a win. (Except you wouldn’t have because the New Day won this one.)

Common WWE TLC Questions:

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What were some big WWE TLC betting upsets?

The biggest upset for this match came in 2019 when Baron Corbin defeated Roman Reigns. Corbin went into this match at +450 and came out the winner. The match was ultimately to set up a rematch at the next month’s Royal Rumble.

Another big one saw The Usos at +400 defeated The Miz & Mizdow in a tag team match in 2014.

What WWE TLC betting props are there?

Over the years, the online sportsbooks have offered a wide variety of WWE TLC Betting Props.

First there are betting props available for every match and they are all generally the same. You can bet on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings, you can bet on the duration of the match. If it is a tag match you’ll also be able to bet on who is involved in the finish. Even if it is a TLC match.

There may be props for the gimmick matchs such as how many tables will be broken in a particular match. You can also bet group options such as “No titles will change hands” or “all titles will change hands” and then you can have wrestler specific props. There’s often props involving how many Claymore Kicks Drew McIntyre will hit for example.

How to Bet WWE TLC:

BetOnline: The left hand side of the page, look at the list of sports. There will be one area that says “Other Sports”, click that to find “Wrestling”. You will be able to find your WWE TLC betting odds from there.

Mr Green: You don’t need to search long and hard to find the odds here. You just need to search once by typing “WWE” into the search bar.

WWE TLC Betting Strategy:

This pay-per-view comes at the end of the year and typically that is a time when WWE isn’t really looking to shake things up. It’s pretty rare to see title changes on this show so I typically stick with the champions. There are always exceptions, but I’ve had pretty good luck sticking with the no title changes at WWE TLC betting rule.

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