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Where To Bet AEW Full Gear


AEW Full Gear is one of the big four AEW pay-per-views of the year and the last major one of the year for that company. The card is typically packed with top level matches including Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho and The Young Bucks vs. FTR in the past.

Like all good wrestling events, AEW Full Gear is one that you can bet on. The odds are set by the sportsbooks for wrestling fans to discuss and bet. This year will be no different.

If you or anyone you know are interested in betting on AEW Full Gear, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how to bet, where to bet, and more.

Where To Bet AEW Full Gear:

America: It can be an American Nightmare trying to find a good sportsbook for American players, but thanks to BetOnline – our nightmares are over. A great sportsbook for betting AEW.

Everywhere Else: Mr Green is on the list of top sportsbooks. For AEW Full Gear betting, I’d put it right at the top.

What is AEW Full Gear betting?

AEW Full Gear is a professional wrestling pay-per-view with matches between professional wrestlers. The way it works for betting is there are betting odds put on the match with the favorite having worse odds than the underdog. If you bet an underdog and win, you can more than double your money. While a bet on the favorite will pay less than your risk.

For an example, let’s look at one of the top matches from Full Gear 2020.

Cody (-167) vs. Darby Allin (+120)

A bet on Cody Rhodes would require a $167 bet to win $100. Or a $100 bet that would only pay out $59 and change.

If you bet on Darby Allin, the man who won on this night, a $100 bet would pay $120 so more than double your money.

Common AEW Full Gear Questions:

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What was the biggest betting upset at AEW Full Gear?

Full Gear has been a surprisingly “chalk” event. Darby Allin’s win at Full Gear 2020 was the only true betting opposite at +120.

At the 2019 event, the biggest upset was Adam Page at +125 beating PAC.

So, not a great show for betting upsets – unless you got in early. The Young Bucks actually opened as +190 underdogs against FTR at the show. After the Bucks announced the stipulation that they would never again challenge for the titles if they lost, their odds shot down closer to where they closed at.

In 2021, Pac and Cody defeated Malakai Black and Andrade in a slight upset. Pac and Cody were +125 underdogs. And in the biggest upset in the history of AEW Full Gear, Christian and the Jurassic Express defeated The Superkliq at AEW Full Gear 2021. They were +200 underdogs.

How to Bet AEW Full Gear:

BetOnline: Finding odds at BetOnline is an easy job. Just look on the left side of the page and find “Other Sports”. Click that and there will be a link for “Wrestling” and that’s where you’ll see a link to AEW betting odds.

Mr Green: You can find the betting odds here by going to “Other Sports” and then finding “WWE/Pro Wrestling” in the list. That’s where they put the AEW betting odds. Or you can simply search “Pro Wrestling” in the search bar.

AEW Full Gear Betting Strategy:

This is a very favorite heavy event if history has shown us anything. For showing like this, I like to expand my threshold a bit to bet.

I normally don’t like going above -200, but for a show like this I will go up to -250. Why? At Full Gear 2019 there were nine matches and six of those winners had odds between -118 and -250.

The nice thing about AEW is their booking generally makes sense and has actual reasoning behind it. So betting those heavy favourites is okay as they are going to win rather than some loss on a whim. You also don’t really have to worry about DQ or countouts costing you.

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