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Where To Bet WWE Fastlane


WWE Fastlane is one of the last stops on the “road” to WrestleMania. Get it? Because cars? Road? Car go fast? Okay, it’s not the most creative name for a show, but it is a show where we’ve seen some great matches over the years.

The show is available to bet on at many sportsbooks and we’re going to tell you the best ones to do it at. We’ll also explain a bit more about betting on WWE as well as look into some past upsets.

Where To Bet WWE Fastlane:

America: BetOnline has you covered for WWE Fastlane, WWE Roadblock, and all of the WWE pay-per-views.

Everywhere Else: Mr Green do a great job of keeping the betting odds for WWE events updated. They offer Fastlane as well as WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and more.

What is WWE Fastlane? (The Bet)

Fastlane is a WWE special event where bettors can place wagers on the winners of professional wrestling matches. The way this works is a moneyline is set on each side based on how big of a favorite one wrestler might be.

With Fastlane, we can often see some big favorites as the matches at WrestleMania are usually set well ahead of time and Fastlane is more of a “tune-up”. (Get it, cars?)

For an example, let’s take a look at the 2019 Fastlane and the betting odds for one of the matches on that show.

The Shield (-395) vs Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley (+275)

The Corbin/McIntyre/Lashley team was a big underdog here. If you bet $100 on them and they won, it would pay $275. They didn’t win though. The Shield did. A $395 pay would pay $100 or a $100 pay would only pay around $25.

Common WWE Fastlane Questions:

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Any big upsets at WWE Fastlane?

The biggest upset at WWE Fastlane took place at the 2017 edition of the show when Bayley won at +500 against Charlotte Flair who was a -900 favorite.

This was a real shocker at the time as Charlotte had a long undefeated streak on WWE pay-per-view that just ended before WrestleMania. It really seemed like if that streak ever ended it would be at the biggest show of them all, but instead it came here. At Fastlane.

How to Bet WWE Fastlane:

BetOnline: On the left hand side of the website, you will find a big list of sports.

Mr Green: Don’t waste a lot of time looking for the betting odds on this website. Simply search “WWE” in the search bar and you’re right there.

WWE Fastlane Betting Strategy:

It’s kind of unfortunate, but this is a favorites show. On the road to WrestleMania, you’ll often find that WWE’s plans are already set and changes aren’t likely. That means the favorites are almost always going to win at this show.

In my years of tracking, this show has only seen upsets about 18% of the time. That’s pretty dang low.

So for this show I am looking at favorites in the -125 to -200 range. It’s not a show where I like to take a lot of risks because it’s not a show where WWE like to take a lot of risks.

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