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Where To Bet WWE Payback


WWE Payback is another show on the long calendar of WWE pay-per-views. It’s a newer show name without the long history of something like WWE SummerSlam, but it has still featured some solid matches over the years.

If you’re looking to get paid on Payback then this is the article for you. I have been betting on WWE pay-per-views for years and this is my guide for how to bet on WWE Payback.

Where To Bet WWE Payback:

America: You might not be able to see John Cena, but you can bet on WWE Payback at BetOnline.

Everywhere Else: WWE Payback is just one of the many betting options at Mr Green. A great sportsbooks for WWE fans and sports fan in general.

What is WWE Payback betting?

Betting on WWE Payback is like betting on all WWE events. The sportsbook sets a favorite and an underdog with the betting odds reflecting the likelihood that one will win. You have to pay a higher price to bet the favorites, or accept a lower payout based on your betting amount. It’s easiest to explain with an example.

Matt Riddle (-275) vs. Baron Corbin (+195)

For this match, the sportsbook sees Riddle as a big favorite. If you wanted to bet him, a $275 bet would only pay $100. Or a $100 bet would only pay about $36.

If you bet on Corbin and he won, a $100 bet would pay $195.

Common WWE Payback Questions:

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Any big upsets at WWE Payback?

In terms of upsets, this show has been relatively quiet over the years with few of the shocking upsets that we look for when betting these shows.

The biggest upset of all time came in 2017 when Chris Jericho at +350 defeated Kevin Owens.

This one was honestly just WWE messing with people and using Jericho to move the title. Everyone knew Jericho was on his way out of the company, but he got the upset on Owens for the title here. He would end up losing the title two days later to Owens on SmackDown and then took a hiatus from the company to work with his band Fozzy.

What WWE Payback Betting Props are there?

The first prop you can bet on is Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings. That is an available prop for all of the matches on the Payback card. For tag matches, you will often be able to place bets on who will be involved in the finish. At Payback 2020, Seth Rollins and Murphy teamed up against Rey and Dominik. You could place a bet on whether Seth or Murphy would be involved in the finish for example.

You can also place betting props on the duration of the match for example will the match be over or under 13 minutes which was a prop for Keith Lee vs Randy Orton.

What are some example WWE Payback Betting Odds?

Well in 2020, we had Roman Reigns as a -160 favourite against Bray Wyatt as a +100 favourite and Braun Strowman as a +4000 favourite. On the same show the odds for the rest of the matches were quite close with Apollo Crews and Sheamus as the biggest underdogs at +230 and +334. They fought Bobby Lashley and Big E respectively.

How to Bet WWE Payback:

BetOnline: There will be a list of sports on the left hand side with Wrestling being listed under “Other Sports”. Click “wrestling” then “WWE” and you are on your way to betting Payback.

Mr Green: If you are looking for the WWE Payback odds, just type “WWE” in the search bar up top and you will be taken where you want to go.

WWE Payback Betting Strategy:

This is a classic WWE pay-per-view in that there is a lot of chalk, but there are also a lot of winning odds that land somewhere between -150 and +125.

Those latter odds are what I am looking for. I try to put myself in the shoes of the WWE mindset when betting this. Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss and The Miz are wrestlers who they clearly like and they often win in these spots when the odds are close.

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