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Where To Bet WWE Props Online


Betting on WWE has become a major business for some sportsbooks as people love picking the winners of the last big event from WWE. Wrestlemania is the big one, but you can bet on pretty much every major pay-per-view level event of the year with odds on the winners and losers of each match.

Recently, some sportsbooks have started taking this a step further and started offering prop bets for WWE matches as well. You can not only bet on who wins these matches, but how they will win then and more. It’s quite the industry and hopefully it continues to grow in popularity.

In this article I will cover how to bet WWE Props, the best place to bet them, and my own strategy for betting them. Let’s take a look at betting WWE Props.

Where To Bet WWE Prop Bets:

Americans: BetOnline is an excellent option. BetOnline has joined the fray in offering wrestling betting odds and has odds for not only WWE, but also All Elite Wrestling.

Everyone Else: 888 is the best place for wrestling props. This is the best place that we have found that covers all of the prop bets we listed above. They offer the biggest selection of professional wrestling prop bets and are one of the biggest.

What are WWE Props?

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Props are bets on things other than the strict outcome and often can be on an ultra-specific outcomes. For professional wrestling prop bets you can bet on two things:

  • Finish of the match:

    This involves how a match is won so you are betting on if the win is by pin, submission or another means (disqualification or count-out). The odds are typically skewed based on the moves that the wrestlers and favorite are known for.

  • Participant to obtain the first “near” fall:

    A “near” fall is considered a pin attempt that leads to a two-count, but does not end the match. You are betting on the first person to attempt this in the match.

  • Champion to retain the title:

    While the winner/loser odds can often be a bet on a title change, there are match finishes that don’t lead to a title change such as a disqualification or count-out. In theory you could bet on the challenger to win, but the champion to retain their title by some means. /li>

  • Star ratings:

    These refer to a star rating given to a match by lead professional wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer. Matches are rated on a six-star scale so you would then bet on whether or not a match is “over” or “under” Meltzer’s star rating. For example, a match might have a total set of 4.5 stars where you could bet over, under, or exactly 4.5.

Common WWE Prop Betting Questions:

What are the exact rules of the “near fall” bet?

This is the exact wording of the first “near” fall prop bet from 888.

Bet refers to the first of the participants listed in the offer which through a ‘cover’ of any sort during a pinfall attempt, manages to keep his opponent(s) down for a clear count of at least 2 by the referee before said count is subsequently interrupted for any reason. Submissions do not count. Stakes refunded if no near falls are performed during the match but will remain valid in case of any changes to the match stipulations as much as the match takes place at the listed event and it does not include any changes to the advertised match participants at time of bet placement.

How To Bet WWE Prop Bets:

888: The easy way to do this is just to head to the search bar and type in “Wrestling” or “WWE”. The latest event will show up in your search and from there you can see all the props for each match. You may also see general props such as “Who will main event Wrestlemania?” and things of that nature during the correct time of the year.

WWE Props Betting Strategy:

The best prop bet to make in WWE Prop betting is the “Participant to obtain the first ‘near’ fall” bet.

Why? Think about how a wrestling match works. There is usually a good guy and a bad guy. The good guy will often start strong before something happens to switch the momentum in their favor. Of course, this isn’t always true but it is true in more matches than not. Figure out who the fan favorite is and bet them to get the first near fall. More often than not, you’ll be right.

I also like the prop bet of who will be involved in the finish of the match when it is a tag match. This is one where if you look at historical results, you can generally see a trend of what tag team partner is involved in the finish.

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