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Where To Bet WWE Elimination Chamber


There are many unique matches in WWE, but the Elimination Chamber is one of their most recent creations. The match was creatd by Triple H and unveiled on WWE TV by Eric Bischoff for use at the 2002 Survivor Series.

The match takes place in a steel cage and features six competitors with two starting in the ring and four starting in pods. The extra competitors are then released from their pods in time intervals. Eliminations occur by pinfall or submission and the match ends when there is one wrestler left.

The match has been the title of a pay-per-view that features the match for years now and you are able to bet on all of the matches for the show at sportsbooks.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to do just that.

Where To Bet WWE Elimination Chamber:

America: BetOnline offer betting odds on all of the large WWE events, including Elimination Chamber.

Everywhere Else: The sportsbook at Mr Green offers a large selection of betting options on WWE events.

What is WWE Elimination Chamber betting?

WWE Elimination Chamber is a WWE pay-per-view or special event. The show typically takes place in February on the road to WrestleMania. It is often one of the very last stops before the grandaddy of them all. (Unless there is a Roadblock on the Fastlane.)

The way betting on WWE works is pretty simple. Each side is set with a line based on how big of a favorite they are, like any sports bet. For an example, we’ll go back to the 2014 Elimination Chamber.

Randy Orton (-750) vs, Daniel Bryan (+600) vs John Cena (+2500) vs Cesaro (+3300) vs Sheamus (+4000) vs Christian (+6600)

So, Randy Orton is a huge favorite here. (Spoiler: he won.) You’d have to bet $750 just to win $100 on this one.

However, a $100 bet on John Cena would’ve paid out $2500 on a win.

Some sportsbooks will even offer betting props on the match as well. There are typically two options:

Most Eliminations: The wrestler who will eliminate more wrestlers than any other.

Longest time in the match: The iron man of the match is the one who logs the most time officially in the ring.

Common WWE Elimination Chamber Questions:

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Have there been upsets at WWE Elimination Chamber in the past?

The Elimination Chamber has had some huge upsets over the years. The biggest upset came in the 2015 Elimination Chamber match that was for the Intercontinental title. Sheamus was a huge -530 heading into the match, but the eventual winner was Ryabck who went off at +900 odds!

That show also featured another upset in the World Heavyweight title match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The champion Rollins was a -900 favorite to win as he was expected to retain the title. Ambrose got the win via DQ. So he won the bet at +500, but not the title.

What are the Elimination Chamber rules?

The Elimination Chamber is one of the marquee matches in WWE and has some unique rules for a wrestling match. The match takes place in a steel structure, similar to a traditional steel cage match, but with four “pods” on each corner of the ring. The structure is made from ten tons of steel and two miles of chain, with each chamber/pod made from bulletproof glass.

The match takes place between six wrestlers with two starting in the ring and the other four being locked into the pods. The two wrestlers start the match and then another chamber opens at random at a predetermined time, typically around five minutes. The match continues until all six wrestlers have entered the match.

Wrestlers can be eliminated at any point in the match by pin or submission. The match ends when there is only one wrestler left.

Since the only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission, the match has no disqualifications. This can often lead to outside interference or wrestlers have been eliminated attacking others who are still in the match.

How to Bet WWE Elimination Chamber:

BetOnline: The odds can be found here by looking at the left hand list of sports. Look for “Other Sports” and then scroll down to “Wrestling”. From here you’ll be able to find the betting odds for Elimination Chamber.

Mr Green: The easiest way to find this? Search “WWE” in the bar at the top of the page. You can also look at the left hand side menu and go to other sports, then find WWE/Pro Wrestling in the list.

WWE Elimination Chamber Betting Strategy:

I would say stay away from the Elimination Chamber match itself. Over the past few years, the winner has been very obvious so close to WrestleMania and there is rarely an upset, especially when it was for a World title or a World title shot at WrestleMania. The same can be go for the title matches as it’s just too close to WrestleMania for a change unless its a painfully obvious one.

Stick to the midcard on this show as that’s where you are likely to find your values.

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