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Where To Bet AEW Dynamite TV Ratings


In this article I’ll be talking about betting the TV ratings in regard to the “Wednesday Night Wars”, and in particular betting on the AEW Dynamite TV Ratings.

If you’re looking for specific match or prop betting for AEW as opposed to TV ratings, you can see my AEW Dynamite Betting article.

If you’re reading this you most likely know the deal; AEW debuted on October 2nd, 2019 on TNT. WWE in an attempt to hurt the company, counter programmed by moving NXT to Wednesday nights, to go head to head with AEW. They even started the show a couple of weeks earlier to give people a head start.

This whole thing has came to be known as the Wednesday Night Wars and is reminiscent of the Monday Night Wars from back in the day. Back when RAW would go head to head with Nitro.

Sportsbooks are always smart in regard to knowing what has people interested, and so actually offer up the ability to make various bets in regard to the ratings for AEW Dynamite, and then the Wednesday Night Wars in particular.

Let’s cover where to bet that:

Where To Bet AEW TV Ratings

America: I have bad news for all my American friends out there – you currently can’t bet on AEW TV Ratings. If you want to bet on ratings, start sending e-mails to BetOnline.

They are the best online sportsbook for pro wrestling betting and on top of that they cover All Elite Wrestling.

It’s only been PPVs and some specific TV show bets thus far but they’re likely open to more. So go yell at them to add TV ratings prop bets, and reference 888, who DO offer the ability to bet on AEW TV Ratings.

Everywhere Else: As I mentioned above, the best place to bet AEW TV Ratings is 888.

These guys are one of the best online sportsbooks when it comes to pro wrestling betting with the amount of prop bets, futures etc that they offer. Sign up there and bet the AEW TV Ratings.

What AEW TV Ratings Bets Are There?

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You can normally bet at least two items specific to the AEW TV Ratings. These are of course only for AEW Dynamite at this time.

The two bets you can make are as follows:

Will AEW Ratings be over or under: Each week, the sportsbook will offer a line and you have to bet if the AEW TV ratings will be above or below that number. This number they present will be based on a lot of factors, such as the competition that night on other networks, what competition NXT is offering on that particular night, and the previous weeks numbers.

Will AEW cover the viewer spread? This one is similar to point spreads in NFL etc and varies week by week. They will take a number say 150,000 and then ask you will AEW beat NXT by more than 150,000 viewers in that particular week or not. Then you get to bet whether you think they will or not. The number varies weekly.

Common AEW TV Ratings Questions:

Can you bet on AEW Dark Ratings or Viewers?

At this time no you cannot bet on AEW Dark ratings or viewers at all. As it’s currently on YouTube it would probably be way too easy to manipulate.

How to Bet AEW TV Ratings Online

888: You can either use the sidebar menu to navigate to the WWE/Pro Wrestling section (find it under “All Sports”) or use the search bar and search for that category. There all the wrestling betting odds will be available and you click on them for more details.

All of the ratings war bets have specific terms and conditions that may be cut off but if you click to bet on one it will be added to your bet slip and it will explain the bet there. Just be sure to read through the terms and conditions to make sure you aren’t messing anything up.

AEW TV Ratings Betting Strategy:

To be honest I don’t feel the online sportsbooks do a good enough job researching the potential numbers. I’ve found a lot of value in betting the AEW TV Ratings.

If you look at the historical data, you can get an idea of what factors in to NXT having a better rating for example and that’s where the point spread comes in.

NXT also has a general core base of viewers with only slight variance. AEW TV ratings bounce around quite a lot as a lot of their viewers tend to PVR shows. February 12th, 2020 for example AEWs ratingsdropped from 928,000 the week before to 817,000.

The over/under for that one was set at 925,000 viewers which was CRAZY. Why? Because Survivor season 40 was premiering that night. I knew AEW fans would watch that instead (if you even followed wrestling fans on the internet you’d see numerous AEW diehards admit they were going to watch Survivor).

Just an example of the kind of perspective you should have on betting AEW ratings.

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