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Where To Bet LoL Total Inhibitors Destroyed

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During the final moments of any League of Legends match, both of the teams will begin to destroy each other’s inhibitors. With them then respawning as well, this can happen any number of times over the course of any given match, or map. In this article we’ll provide a detailed look at what this means, and what you can do when it comes to putting down money on this particular prop bet.

Inhibitors are an important part of any LoL game, as they hold back the opposing team from sending super-minions down each lane. These super-minions are much tougher to deal with and, if all three of a team’s inhibitors are destroyed, then the enemy sends out these minions at a greater frequency. Respawning after five minutes, each inhibitor can be destroyed any number of times, which means that the tally can be indefinite. Successfully predicting the amount that’s destroyed is your goal with this bet, as you need to have a good idea of what the set number will be.

How do you successfully predict this though, and what should you look for when hoping to put down any kind of money? We’ve got you covered here, as we’ll break down the bet, giving you a clearer idea of what to expect in any professional LoL game.

Where To Bet LoL Total Inhibitors Destroyed:


This will be Bovada, with its extensive betting coverage all across North America, offering props for a number of LoL matches.


Everyone in Canada will want to head on over to Bet365 Sportsbook when it comes to betting on all League based props and events.

Everywhere Else:

Bet365 Sportsbook is once again best here, as it offers a range of LoL bets across the board for an international audience.

What is LoL Total Inhibitors Destroyed?

Situated within each team’s base, there’s three inhibitors for both in Summoner’s Rift, whilst there’s two each in the Twisted Treeline map. Most professional games and eSports concern themselves with the Rift map though, which is what this bet is focused on. Keeping back super-minions from the opposing side, they ‘inhibit’ the lane they’re set at the end of, as immense pressure is applied on the team with the destroyed inhibitor for that lane.
Players gain fifty gold for the final blow on an inhibitor, as well as setting off the super-minions, meaning there’s a lot of competition to take them down. Here’s an overall look at the strategies generally employed during the course of any professional League match when it comes to the inhibitors:

  • Ranged Attacks: Marksmen are typically able to take down inhibitors from a distance before any melee champions can, as they fire projectiles.
  • Backdooring: This is when a single player ‘sneaks’ behind enemy lines taking out the inhibitors, turrets, and even the Nexus, although it usually requires the first row of turrets destroyed.
  • Time Management: Given five minutes of super-minions in a lane, the teams must make the most of it, seeing if it’s worth destroying an inhibitor before turrets, champions, and monsters.

With three inhibitors for each team in total, and five minutes respawn time, there’s no end to the amount of times they can be destroyed. How do you best determine the final tally though, and what’s the best way to successfully predict this when betting?

Common LoL Total Inhibitors Destroyed Questions:

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How exactly does this prop work?:

The purpose of this prop is for the better to successfully predict how many inhibitors will be destroyed over the course of a professional game of League of Legends. This can be an indefinite amount given that the inhibitors themselves can be destroyed any number of times during a match. You’ll also be provided with an over/under betting option, whereby you can bet higher or lower than the number pre-determined by the sportsbook. This bet can then be placed alongside other bets as well, as you can create combinations of different props for each game.

What should I look for when placing this bet?:

As seen with the many possible strategies mentioned earlier, there’s a variety of options to consider when taking down the inhibitors. Ranged attacks are key to watch out for though, meaning you’ll need to keep an eye on which players will be competing in this particular class. This should then give you some idea as to how they’ll approach the inhibitors, plus it’s a good idea to have a look at their history playing as well. Learn the overall approaches of each team, such as whether or not they opt for more defensive or aggressive tactics.

How to Bet LoL Total Inhibitors Destroyed:


To begin with you need to select ‘Sports’ from the main page, and then ‘Esports’ on the next, followed by the ‘All Esports’ drop-down. This will bring up ‘League of Legends’, opening it to list all the current ongoing events and, choosing one, you’ll then be presented with all the upcoming games down the page. For the props you’ll need to select a game with a number of bets open, and any inhibitor based bets will be near the bottom under ‘Other Props’ when available.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Start with ‘Esports’ down the left side, and then pick the ‘LOL’ event you want, which will be listed alphabetically near the top. Then you want to pick the number of the map you’re looking for, and underneath, if available, will be ‘Total Inhibitors Destroyed’ taking you through to the prop itself. Here you choose your preferred teams for that event, giving the over/under of the projected number, allowing you to create a betting coupon.

LoL Total Inhibitors Destroyed Betting Strategy:

When it comes down to the question of how many inhibitors are going to be destroyed during the course of a LoL match, then it’s best to start by paying attention to the tactics used. Watching older games should give you some indication as to which direction this may head in, seeing whether the teams playing are more aggressive or defensive. A more aggressive stance could mean more inhibitors being destroyed, whereas defence may involve teams holding back.
The champions being used is also important to take note of, as this may include players using ranged classes to destroy the inhibitors from a distance. Spreading your bets out can help too, as well as combining them, as you should then be able to make a more informed decision once you know all your options.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.