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Where To Bet Glory MMA / Kickboxing Online


Formerly known as Glory World Series, Glory is a kickboxing league that was founded back in 2012.

Glory will usually run about 10 cards per year. While founded in Asia, they are a complete global promotion who have events all over the world.

Over the years they have held events in places such as the Netherlands, France, China and multiple cities in the USA.

They are able to be watched online via multiple methods such as UFC Fight Pass or on the Fight Network.

Betting for Glory is kind of hit and miss. Some online sportsbooks don’t cover it, while some will even offer up futures on it. In this article I’ll talk about everything related to betting Glory online.

Where To Bet Glory Online

America: Your best option for Glory betting is 5Dimes Sportsbook. These guys offer pretty much everything you could bet on including WWE! They will have Glory odds up usually a week or two before the event. The key thing about them is consistency. I’ve found other sportsbooks hit or miss in terms of adding Glory events but these guys usually have them up for every event.

Everywhere Else: Without a doubt it is 888. Not only do they cover Glory but they’re one of the only sportsbooks I’ve seen that will occasionally offer odds months before a fight. It’s nice to see a book commit like that with Glory futures. They will also offer prop bets.

What Glory Bets are there?

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Most online sportsbooks will offer the ability to bet on who will win and lose a fight and that’s it.

It’s the most common bet available for fighting and that’s what most sportsbooks usually stick to.

However I have noticed in the past that both 5Dimes Sportsbook and 888 will expand that somewhat.

They will offer, in addition to who will win a fight, the prop bet of how many rounds there will be in a fight.

It is an over/under and is usually always set at 2.5. It can be a valueable little bet to have this one too as the odds are usually even compared to the winner or loser where one person is often heavily favoured over the other, making them unbettable.

Common Glory Betting Questions:

What Prop Bets Are Available for Betting on Glory?:

The only common prop bet for betting on Glory is the Over/Under in the amount of rounds. Normally it will be set at 2.5 but depending on the fight it may be 3.5 or even 1.5. This is usually the only prop bet available for Glory.

Where Can I Bet Glory Futures?

You can usually bet futures on Glory at 888. They are the only online sportsbook I have seen that will offer Glory odds months prior to a major card.

How to Bet Glory Online

5Dimes Sportsbook: You need to register and then log in to see the odds available here. It’ll be listed on the right under the fighting section. You just have to put a checkmark beside it then hit continue to see the odds. Put in your wager then hit continue and you have to confirm the bets. Nice and easy.

888: While they have a search bar I find it doesn’t always work right. I usually use the menu and choose “All Sports” then “MMA/UFC” right at the top. Click that and it lists all of the Glory odds.

Where To Watch Glory Online:

Over the years, Glory has aired in multiple networks such as Spike TV and ESPN. Depending on the event, you will also be able to watch it on UFC Fight Pass at UFC.TV.

Glory Betting Strategy:

With the ability to bet on over/under in rounds, it’s something I would look at. One problem I see with Glory is a lot of the fights there very heavy odds for a lot of fighters – very heavy favourites. So at least you can even the playing field with the over/unders. And of course, the over is your friend in Glory.

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