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Where To Bet Legacy Fighting Alliance Online


The Legacy Fighting Alliance was founded back in 2017 when Resurrection Fighting Alliance and Legacy Fighting Championship merged.

It’s a US based MMA promotion with it’s HQ based out in Houston, Texas.

Since the merger they have ran numerous fight card. It’s similar to the UFC in how many cards they run with multiple cards evrey month usually. They primarily run out of Prior Lake in Minnesota, although have held events in Dallas, Phoenix and Atlanta in the past.

The Mystic lake Casino Hotel remains their main base however.

They were normally airing on AXS TV however are currently looking for a new provider.

In this article I’ll be talking about where to bet LFA online.

Where To Bet Legacy Fighting Alliance Online

5Dimes Sportsbook : This is primarily the only place to bet LFA online. The Legacy Fighting Alliance just isn’t that popular with online sportsbooks unfortunately. I should also note that it is quite hit or miss. Occasionally they won’t have odds at all for an upcoming LFA card. Other times they will have odds but it is only for three or four fights. Just the way it is unfortunately. Betting on LFA isn’t too popular online.

What LFA Bets are there?

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The main bet you can make on the Legacy Fighting Alliance is who will win a fight.

Unfortunately I have never seen any additional LFA prop bets.

For bigger promotions such as UFC and Bellator you will see many, many prop bets. For smaller promotions there will usually be the ability to at least bet over/under on rounds.

However for the Legacy Fighting Alliance it’s really just a case of betting who will win a fight. I’ll keep checking the sportsbooks prior to LFA cards and if I see different bets I’ll update this post – but don’t hold your breath.

Common LFA Questions:

Where can I watch the Legacy Fighting Alliance online?:

The LFA recently lost their programming on AXS TV. They haven’t got a new broadcast partner yet. Once they do I’ll update this post.

How to Bet LFA Online

5Dimes Sportsbook: After logging in, you will be presented with a list of sports. It is on the right hand side under “Fighting”.

Where To Watch LFA Online:

LFA used to be broadcast on AXS TV up until September 2019. As of this writing they do not have a new TV outlet. I will update this when they do.

LFA Betting Strategy:

There’s really no particular betting strategy when it comes to LFA other than do the research. Linesmakers don’t spend too much time on the odds so it is one of those things where if you look hard enough, you will be able to find mistakes. Be it a fighter who is too big of an underdog or should even be the favourite etc. I wish there was some tips and tricks I could give you – but unlike some sports, the betting strategy for Legacy Fighting Alliance is basically “do hard work”.

Variants To LFA Betting: