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Where To Bet NCAA Basketball Online


There are some basketball fans out there who can’t stand the NBA, but swear by the college game. The shorter clock, the different sets and more team-based style of play is preferable to these types of fans. Other fans like both, but get really amped up for the tournament. Others still live and die by their alma mater. Whichever category you fit in, this article is for you.

Betting on college basketball can be a lot of fun. The games are seemingly always close, especially in the conference schedule, and there are so many different rivalries in this sport that every night has an interesting game.

This article is going to cover all you need to know about betting on men’s college basketball. Where to bet it, how to bet it and our strategy for winning games. Let’s take a look.

Where To Bet College Basketball:

America: Bovada is one of the best sites online for college basketball.

Canada: A great spot for betting college basketball is Sports Interaction and they offer a variety of bets including props.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a great place for college basketball. They offer lines on every game including team totals and, 1st and 2nd halves.

What is NCAA Basketball Betting?

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There are quite a few different ways to bet on college basketball. A few different betting options are:

Point Spreads: This is the most popular bet. An average point spread might be something like Florida -2 against Tennessee. This would mean a bet on Florida would mean you subtract two from final score. If the team still wins, you win. If you bet Tennessee, add two.

Over/Under (Game Totals): A predictive number on the total points scored by both teams. You need to bet whether you think this will be over or under that number. North Carolina vs. Duke might be at 180.5, over or under that total wins.

Moneylines: A simple bet on the winner of the game. A game like North Carolina vs. Duke might see Duke -180. That means you have to bet $180 to win $100. A game like Florida vs. Southern Alabama would see a moneyline like Florida -800, Southern Alabama +800. A bet on the underdog of $100 would pay $800 if they won.

NCAA Basketball Betting Articles:

NCAA Basketball Futures: In this article I talk about all the potential futures you can bet in regard to college basketball and what strategies to use.

NCAA Most Outstanding Player In this article I talk about where to bet the NCAA Most Outstanding player and what strategies to apply.

NCAA March Madness Props: The best sportsbooks to bet NCAA March Madness props online.

Common College Basketball Questions:

What is the biggest upset in college basketball history?

The biggest upset in the history of college basketball happened on March 16th, 2018 when UMBC defeated Virginia, 74-54 in the first round of the NCAA tournament. This was the first time a #16 seed had ever defeated a #1 seed in the history of the tournament. UMBC entered this game as a +20.5 and won by 20. The money line on this game was +2000 and one lucky bettor won $16,000 on this game.

How To Bet College Basketball:

Bovada: Will have basketabll linked right from the top of the site. From there select “NCAA” from the drop down menu for all of the day’s lines.

Sports Interaction: Right from the left sidebar click basketball and then “NCAA” or “College” from there and you’ll be taken to all the lines.

Bet365 Sportsbook: The list of sports will be on the left side of the page. Click “Basketball” and this will bring up a list of all of the available college basketball games.

NCAA Basketball Betting Strategy:

Early season is the best time to bet college basketball. The sportsbooks are often busy with the NFL, NBA and NHL and you can sometimes find soft lines with teams they might not know much about. With so many freshman in the game, it can take time for teams to adjust and get things going.

A valuable thing to look out for can be betting unranked favorites at home against ranked teams. Home court is huge in college basketball and teams that are favored at home are usually favored for a reason.

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