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Where To Bet Football Online


On this page I’m going to tell you the best places to bet football online.

Note that this article and section is in regard to the North American version of football. “American Football” or “Gridiron Football” as it’s known outside of NA, NOT the European version known as “soccer”.

This article deals specifically with football in general – be it NFL, CFL or college football. We also have specific league sections below if you want to bet on a specific league.

Let’s get on with where to bet football.

Where To Bet Football:

America: You really have two options. The first one is Bovada which has a great signup bonus, and come up with a lot of unique and fun props. The other is BetOnline which will have a bunch of props too, and can have some reduced juice lines. Having an account at both those sportsbooks is highly recommended.

Canada: With it being primarily a North American sport, it’s recommended having an account at an online sportsbook that is dominated by an American audience is BetOnline is your best option. In saying that, if you’re looking to bet the CFL, you have to go with the online sportsbook that sponsors the CFL – Sports Interaction. They offer a lot more betting options for the CFL and are exclusively Canadians.

United Kingdom: I personally feel that Bet365 Sportsbook do an incredible job covering the various football leagues with a wide variety of betting options.

Everywhere Else: The best place is a predominant North American sportsbook. The best option for the football that accepts Americans AND everyone else is BetOnline. They offer a wide variety of lines and props and pretty much everything you need for American football.

Where To Bet Football Leagues:

How to Bet Football Online:

Bovada: Enter the “Sports” section and click “Football” on the left sidebar. This will list all upcoming football games within all the leagues they offer. On the navigation bar at the top, there’s an “All Football” link. You can click that to filter by league or promotion. Select the bets you want or to see the bets for a specific game, click the “BETS >” link to the right of that particular game. Bets are added to your bet slip on the right and you just have to confirm them.

BetOnline: You’ll need an account here first. So once you have one, log in and then you’ll be at the sportsbook section where you can just click “Football” or the particular league you want on the left hand side and it’ll list all the bets. Be sure to check the “Reduced” section too as they have reduced juice there – so a game that’s -110 everywhere might be just -103 there.

Sports Interaction: On the left sidebar is “Football”. Click that and it expands to list all of their football offerings. Click the one you want and the main content area will list all of the bets. You can then just click whatever bet you want to make and add it to your bet card.

What is Betting on Football? / What Football Bets & Props Are There?

Football Deposit Bonuses

At it’s core, betting on football is placing money on a particular outcome of a football game, or an event in a football game. However it can also be betting on various props involving players, or various futures such as “Who will win the Grey Cup” or “Over/Under 6.5 regular season wins for Jacksonville Jaguars”.

There are 3 main bets in football and they are:

Money Line: This is the simplest bet of all – you’re betting for one team to win. So if the New England Patriots are playing the Buffalo Bills, you’d either bet the Patriots to win or the Bills to win. Nice and simple. There are different odds but say the Bills were +200, then if you bet $100 you’re betting $100 for a profit of $200 or a return of $300.

Of course the problem with football is there can be some big favourites so you won’t get 50/50 odds. If you bet $100 on the Patriots to beat the Bills, you might only get a $13 profit. Not really worth risking $100 on that is there? That’s why we have the….

Point Spread: The sportsbook sets a point spread line – basically a handicap. Then you have to bet who will win based on the handicap. Let’s say the Bills are +7 against the Patriots meaning the Patriots are -7. This means you’re betting on the final score after the Bills get 7 points.

So if the Patriots win 20-10, then you add 7 points to the Bills score which makes it 20-17. If you bet Patriots -7 then you’d win the bet, if you bet Bills +7 you’d lose the bet as even with the 7 points, they lost the game.

Now if it was 20-13 then the final score is 20-20 and so it’d result in a tie – you wouldn’t win money or lose money just get your bet back. That’s why you often see half points like Bills +7.5 – so that it won’t end in a tie as then neither you nor the sportsbook win. They’d rather force a result one way or the other.

Over/Under: The other most common bet is betting the total points a game. Very simple one – at the end of a game you tally up the total points and you win or lose depending on if you bet the over or under. So they may set the over/under line at 47 points in the Bills vs Patriots game. If it was 20-10 then the game would have went under 47 points as the total is 30 points. So if you bet under, you’d win.

Those are the most common bets but be sure to explore each league section within the site to see what other bets there are as there are an incredible amount of football bets available such as highest scoring quarter, team total points and various player props such as over/under on rushing or passing yards or quantity of receptions.

Common Football Betting Questions:

What is a half point? Why do some point spreads have .5? How does that work?

As explained above, it means there has to be a winner one way or another. If there was no .5 then there’s a chance that with the point spread, the game would end in a tie. It can confuse people but instead of adding 7 points to a team, just add 7.5. Simple as that.

Football Betting Strategy:

The best strategy when it comes to football is to ignore the most common lines. Instead look for various props.

With fantasy football being so big, there is a wealth of information available in regard to each individual player. The resources available are seriously unreal. So this allows you to research a lot about a particular player. Then place bets on their total passing yards or total rushing yards etc.

Player props are something that I would advise paying attention to as well when it comes to betting.

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