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Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Outs


Baseball has become a game of power pitching. Starters are better than ever with more velocity and more strikeouts than ever before. It’s an interesting time in baseball with offense down, pitching up, and the league scrambling to make some changes that will even the whole thing out. Time will tell how that goes.

At the same time as the pitchers are getting better, their workloads are getting smaller and smaller. The use of openers, pitch limits, and an aversion to starters going deep into games has made for a much different experience for starting pitching in baseball. This has changed the games in ways both good and bad. It has also changed betting on games and suddenly pitcher outs is a really interesting betting market.

It can be a fun betting market as it is challenging to try and figure out how long a pitcher will or will not go into a game. This article is going to tell you a bit more about how to bet on this market. From where to do it to how to do it to my stratagy for betting on MLB pitcher outs. It’s a lot of fun so let’s dig right into it.

Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Outs:

America: Bovada has an extensive collection of MLB player props for each game of the MLB season.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a website that offers many player props for MLB games including MLB pitcher outs.

What is MLB Pitcher Outs betting?

The way that a MLB Pitcher Outs bet is with a simple over/under play. There will be a certain amount of outs set and you have to bet whether you think the pitcher will get over that, more outs, or under that amount, less outs.

An example of this would be Clayton Kershaw with a total of 16.5 outs.

This would imply that you are betting whether he lasts 5 2/3 innings or less. 5 1/3 innings would be 16 outs, so you are betting on whether he gets that second out in the sixth inning or not.

Common MLB Pitcher Outs Questions:

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How many outs does it take to get a perfect game?

There are nine innings in a baseball game and three outs in each inning. A perfect game would be 27 outs.

One of the more interesting games in MLB history came when Harvey Haddix, pitching for the Pirates, threw 12 innings of a perfect game against the Milwaukee Brewers. However, his team ultimately let him down and they lost in the 13th inning.

A similar, but not as long game took place in 1995. Pedro Martinez had an outstanding day as he retired the first 27 batters of the ball game. However, his team failed to score on him and he ended up losing the game in the bottom of the tenth inning.

How to Bet MLB Pitcher Outs:

Bovada: All MLB player props can be found here by looking at the list of games for the day and clicking the “+” sign with a number by it. This will bring up a list of all the available props for that game.

Bet365 Sportsbook: The betting odds for MLB pitcher outs are available by heading to the player props section of the baseball section. Simply click “Baseball” from the left hand side and then look to find the link for “Pitcher Outs”.

MLB Pitcher Outs Betting Strategy:

The key thing that I am looking at here is how long a pitcher typically lasts in a game versus how the opposing offense fares against pitchers of that handedness.

For example, you could have a lefty on the mound who averages under six innings per start. Now, let’s say he is facing an offense that hits lefties well like the Yankees. A good bet in this situation might be to bet the under as the Yankees offense has a good chance to make the game short for him.

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