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Where To Bet MLB Player Stolen Bases


A stolen base in baseball is one of the most exciting plays possible. I think a lot about that steal Dave Roberts did in the 2004 ALCS. Just one of the most incredible moments in baseball history and a steal that will live on in history. They don’t have to all be like that, but they usually are pretty exciting.

There are less steals than there used to be. The rise of analytics has made it so that players only steal bases when it is highly likely that they will succeed. The loss of runs from getting caught stealing is simply not worth the risk according to the math. There are still a few teams and players who swipe bags, just not as many as in the past.

It can be profitable to bet on stealing bases because of this. They happen less which means the odds of it happening are lower, making the payoff odds higher. If you’d like to learn more about this betting market, keep on reading. I have more information on where to bet stolen bases, how to beat them, and more.

Where To Bet MLB Player Stolen Bases:

America: At Bovada this bet is known as “To Steal A Base”. It works the same way and is available on nearly every MLB game.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook offers many MLB player props on their sportsbook including the MLB Player Stolen Bases.

What is MLB Player Stolen Bases betting?

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The way MLB Player Stolen Bases bets work is with a simple over/under of 0.5. With a total set this low, you are basically betting yes, they will get a stolen base or no, they won’t.

As far as “To Steal A Base” odds, these are just odds on specific players so you bet yes or no on them at the odds listed.

As far as how this works, I’ll give an example. Let’s say you have a couple players in the game. Ketel Marte, a high stolen base player, and Tommy Pham, a middle of the road steals player.

Ketel Marte – Over 0.5 (+150)
Tommy Pham – Over 0.5 (+300)

For these odds, Marte pays less on a steal because he is simply more likely to get one. While Pham has higher odds because he gets them less often.

Common MLB Player Stolen Bases Questions:

What is the all-time MLB Player Stolen Bases record for a single season?

The most stolen bases in a single season was set in 1887 by Hugh Nicol. However, since that was so long ago and is prior to the modern era of baseball, most people don’t recognize it as the record.

Rickey Henderson’s 1982 season when he stole 130 bases is what most consider to be the real all-time stolen base record. Henderson broke the previous mark of 118 set by Lou Brock in 1974. The 1980s were a great time for stolen bases as Henderson had three seasons over 100 steals and Vince Coleman did as well.

How to Bet MLB Player Stolen Bases:

Bovada: The best way to find the Stolen Bases prop is to go to the prop builder in the sportsbook. Click the bottom left side of the page where it says “Prop Builder” and then head to the “MLB” area.

Bet365 Sportsbook: You can find the MLB Player Stolen Bases prop in the Baseball section and heading to the Player Props.

MLB Player Stolen Bases Betting Strategy:

This is a tough bet to pick, but when I bet it I always look at the pitcher first. The key thing to look for here is velocity. If he is a pitcher who throws 100 miles per hour, that is probably not going to give a runner a lot of time to get a head start towards second base. While if the pitcher throws slower, or even just has a slow delivery, that is potentially something that you can take advantage of.

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