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Where To Bet Cage Warriors Online


Cage Warriors is an MMA Promotion that was formed in the United Kingdom in 2001.

The Cage Warriors HQ is in London and they have had many fighters who have become household names – at least to MMA fans. Fighters such as Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping have fought in Cage Warriors and it’s a great promotion to see up and comers in the MMA world from the UK scene.

In this article I’m going to cover where to bet on Cage Warriors. It’s not a promotion that is available to bet on at a lot of sportsbooks but there’s still options for betting Cage Warriors.

Where To Bet Cage Warriors:

America: Americans can bet Cage Warriors at BetOnline. For Cage Warriors it’s generally just the match outcomes you can bet on with few or little props compared to their UFC lineup. Still solid though and they are really expanding their MMA lineup beyond UFC and Bellator. You can also bet on the likes of KSW at BetOnline as well for example.

Everywhere Else: Non-Americans can also bet Cage Warriors at BetOnline. The other option for betting Cage Warriors online at this time is 888. They are an excellent sportsbook as well with a wide variety of MMA.

What Cage Warriors Bets/Props Are There?

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Unfortunately, there really aren’t a lot of Cage Warriors betting options available.

You can bet on who will win a fight and then depending on the fight you may be able to bet on the over/under in rounds but that’s about it.

There isn’t the sort of betting options available that you would see in a UFC fight. Although in saying that, UFC fights don’t really have too many props available within them either. There’s not too many creative bets you can do in terms of betting on MMA fights.

Cage Warriors betting is still in its infancy as it can be hard for the sportsbooks to handicap it. One reason for that is there really isn’t a lot of people betting on Cage Warriors yet.

How to Bet on Cage Warriors online:

BetOnline: You can bet on Cage Warriors by expanding the Martial Arts section and clicking on “MMA”. If you want to check for any Cage Warriors props available, click on “MMA Props”. When you see a bet you like you simply click on it and it is added to your bet slip.

888: In the sidebar click “All Sports” and then “UFC/MMA” and that will bring up all upcoming MMA fights. When there is a Cage Warriors card the Cage Warrior fights will be listed there to bet on. Or you can use the search bar in the centre and just type in “Cage Warriors”.

Common Cage Warriors Betting Questions:

Do any sportsbooks that accept Americans offer Cage Warrior betting?

Not at this time. See the below section on where to bet Cage Warriors for more details on that and a potential option.

Can you parlay Cage Warriors fights and bet them in an accumulator?

Yes you can. A popular bet to make when it involves MMA due to the amount of heavy favourites at times.

Where does Cage Warriors hold their events?

Cage Warriors is based in London. They generally hold events in the England area with London and Liverpool being regular spots. They have however ventured out to Wales, Ireland, Sweden and Belgium in their time.

Does Cage Warriors ever have famous fighters fight?

Yes but generally the fighters ar only famous AFTER being in Cage Warriors. Consider it a feeder league where the best fighters move onto UFC. It’s featured the likes of Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, Dan Hardy, Dennis Siver and more.

You will see if you look through any of the title histories a lot of the belts end up getting vacated by the champion as they have proven themselves and then leave for greener pastures. Such as Chris Fishgold who after 3 successful defenses of the Lightweight championship, moved on to fight for the UFC.

Cage Warriors Betting Strategy:

Betting on Cage Warriors is a very smart thing as the people setting the lines don’t do sufficient research. I mean don’t get me wrong you’re not going to get 80/20 on a coinflip fight or anything like that however the fact is if you do your research on Cage Warriors, you should be able to come out ahead.

The lines are very soft and they’re based more on past results than anything else. If you can look past that and learn the fighters you should be able to run a good profit. I’ve been betting on Cage Warriors for a couple of years now and I spend 10 hours prior to each event researching everything. I might only come up with 2 bets during that time but they’ll win the majority of the time simply because I’ve did the research.

Where To Watch Cage Warriors Online:

Cage Warriors have a deal with the UFC and you can watch their events online via the UFC Fight Pass available at UFC.TV. They also offer archived events on there of past Cage Warriors events that you can watch.

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