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Where To Bet Minor League Golf Tours


Where To Bet Golf Minor Tours

A professional PGA Golf tour, the Minor League Golf has scores of golfers fighting it out for the grand prize. What makes it all the more exciting is that many of the players are rising stars, which means not only are you watching a select few push up through the ranks, but there’s also a degree of uncertainty as the few you’ve bet on hopefully pull through against all odds.

Starting out in 2004, this particular tour takes place over forty-six weeks and is comprised of a number of events. Also known as the Fuzion Minor League Golf Tour, a name which came about in 2010, it was initially designed as a way to give up-and-coming professionals the chance of moving on into the higher tiers.

This makes it especially interesting in that it’s the starting point for many new and exciting talents in the world of professional Golfing. Working as a Qualifying School essentially, it paves the way for new faces to make their mark as a Golfer, awarding prize money along the way. Where does your money come into it all though, and how can you better spot fresh new talent on the Golfing scene?

Where To Bet Golf Minor Tours Online:


Covering pretty much all of the Minor Tours events, Bovada has a wide selection of bets for everyone in North America.


Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it provides Canada with complete coverage of the Minor Tours, along with most Golf tournaments in general.

Everywhere Else:

Again it’s Bet365 Sportsbook, with its straightforward interface providing odds for the many games on offer.

Where To Make Specific Golf Minor Tours Bets:

Cactus Tour: The Cactus Tour is an important tournament for women as it can pave the way for them to enter the pro tours such as the LPGA. In this article I cover where to bet the Cactus Tour and what to look for strategy wise.

Desert Canyon: The Desert Canyon is a great tournament for women and can be a tough one considering where it takes place – in the desert! In this article I cover what to look for when betting this event and where to bet it.

Golden State Tour: The Golden State Tour is one of the oldest minor tours and in this article I cover where to bet it and what strategies to use when betting the Golden State Tour.

Legacy Classic: A big part of the Golden State tour. In this article I cover where to bet the Legacy Classic.

Ritz Carlton Spring Classic: A tournament I always enjoy and like to bet on as it’s a one day tournament and featured 74 professionals. I cover where to bet the Ritz Carlton and what to consider when betting.

West Florida Golf Tour: A great golf tour where you can see some future professionals. I cover the West Florida Golf Tour, where to bet it and what to look for when betting on it.

How to Bet Golf Minor Tours:


‘Sports’ is the option you’ll want first, followed by opening up ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ on the navigation bar of the next. This will then give you ‘Golf’ underneath, taking you through to the Golf section itself, with all the events and bets down the center of the page. Using the ‘All Golf’ roll-down menu, you can then move down choosing ‘Minor Tours’ from the options below, and this will provide each of the current events available.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Down the left side of the page near to the top is ‘Golf’ and, selecting this, you should then find all of the available events in the middle of the page. It is here you’ll find the Minor Tours tournaments alongside the other leagues and events, as they’re all listed together. Opening out each event will give you the individual bets, taking you through to the relevant sections, along with the ‘Next 24 hours’ and ‘All’ filter above.

What Golf Minor Tours Bets/Props Are There?

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At first you’ll find that the most prominent bets for the majority of the events is the ‘To Win Outright’ wager, allowing you to select the player that you think will come out on top. This can be particularly great in a Golf tournament, especially when considering the odds of watching a single individual rise victorious against everyone else. Getting the balance right between the projected odds and the more appealing stakes is what’s needed here, as you’re then left cheering for everyone else to lose.

Then there’s the smaller bets more specific to Golf itself, which here often includes the par for various top players. You can also select who will finish in the top, giving a line-up for the top three and top ten, along with betting on the rounds themselves. These are particularly great for Minor Tours events, as you can never be too sure who will come out on top, with fresh new talent always on the horizon.

Common Golf Minor Tours Questions:

What variables can make or break a game of Golf at this level?:

When it comes to the Minor Tours you have a whole range of factors to consider, especially when factoring in the varying degrees of skill between the players, as opposed to the Majors. The weather can really change the outcome of a game, although many of the Minors are typically played in more humid climates. Looking at the layout of the course is also important, as is the age of the players, with many of them maybe getting older and moving down the rankings, whilst new players move up.

Where To Watch Golf Minor Tours Online:

A lot of the time this can depend on the event in question, but for many in America they’ll find a lot of the games broadcast over NBC through their Golf Channel. The Major Tours are pretty extensively covered, with ESPN also showing many games too, whilst the Minors are a little more harder to find. Going over to YouTube, you can watch some replays from many of the featured professionals, but all round coverage can be a little difficult.

Golf Minor Tours Betting Strategy:

It’s the Minor Tours where you can really find value when it comes to betting, as there’s often players overlooked here. You can spot new up and comers that quite literally defy all the odds, making for some extremely appealing bets. With the higher leagues it can become a little predictable, with the talent pool already being firmly established, but here there’s a degree of uncertainty.

Use this to your advantage, and find the players that are just beginning to make a name for themselves. You should then be able get ahead of the curve, placing a bet with a far greater degree of efficiency and more profit potential.

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