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Where To Bet The Cactus Tour


Playing throughout the North American west since 2005, The Cactus Tour is a huge tournament focused on women’s Pro Tour Golf. Bringing together some huge talents in the sports, it’s set at a Minor Tours tier level, working alongside the LPGA and the PGA, whilst being entirely its own thing. With so much talent on offer then, where does your money come into it all, and what should you consider when placing down a wager?

Largely taking place in Arizona where it was established, it’s a professional event played outside the LPGA, providing another alternative avenue for women in Golf. This has seen a lot of crossover with players over the years, as many women have gone on to play in the LPGA following their time here. With the LPGA Qualifying School being part of it too, it boasts a huge pool talent, with many rising stars finding their way here. Not only that, but it’s a celebration of the sport of Golf, as women prepare themselves for the big leagues in a fun and accessible environment.

Due to it attracting a vast number of newcomers to the sport, along with some returning familiar faces, it stands to reason that there’ll be some highly interesting odds on offer here too. Where do you start though, and what should you look for when searching for those all time winning champions to bet on?

Where To Bet The Cactus Tour:


For those in North America they’ll want Bovada, as it offers not just this event, but a number of other Golfing bets too.


While it’s an American event, Bet365 Sportsbook will cover most, if not all of the matches surrounding the Cactus Tour in Canada.

Everywhere Else:

Here once again you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it offers international coverage, with a wide selection of Golfing bets.

What is The Cactus Tour?

Starting out in 2005, The Cactus Tour would be set-up in order to offer an affordable avenue for women to find their way in to the world of professional Golf. Whether they’re returning to the game, or newcomers, it paves the way for the highly regarded Pro Tours, including the LPGA and the Symetra. Sponsored by USA Natural Patches, INC, it’s gone on to become a highly regarded league of its own, bringing together female Golf players from all across the west of North America.

Taking place throughout the year, events start in January, concluding with the LPGA Qualifying School towards the end between October and December. Here’s what you should expect from the The Cactus Tour layout and its many tournaments and matches:

  • Location: Much of this is situated both in and around Phoenix, Arizona, as the tournament serves the larger area.
  • Climate: Taking place mostly in desert areas, the weather is largely warm all year round, with a hot and sunny climate.
  • Course Style: Usually each fairway consists of fifty-four holes being played out through the progress of any given game.

The tournaments themselves are pretty straightforward, leading the way for women’s Golf as you can see, which means a high level of competition isn’t far behind. Who should you watch out for when betting though, and what are the winning signs of a first class professional Golfer

Common Cactus Tour Questions:

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What should I look for when picking a winner?:

There’s numerous variables to consider when it comes to Golf, whatever level the players are playing at. From the weather on the day itself, to the terrain of the course, everything can alter the outcome of the game. To start with you need to consider the previous games of the players, and whether or not they have history with the fairways. Someone familiar with the fairways will definitely play a lot better than a complete newcomer, and there’s many regulars circling the ranks at this level.

What’s the best way to see these games and find the results?:

Obviously nothing can beat watching the game as it happens, live there in person, but obviously this isn’t a choice for everyone. Watching live online is a little difficult as well, although you may be able to watch clips later on of the highlights uploaded over on YouTube. Given that it’s a smaller event your best option is simply to follow the results through social-media, although the sportsbooks are pretty instantaneous themselves. You can easily follow live updates over on the official site as well, which is kept fairly up-to-date.

How to Bet The Cactus Tour:


Start by choosing ‘Sports’ from the top of the main page, followed by ‘All Sports (A-Z)’, choosing ‘Golf’ from the drop-down underneath. This should then allow you to open up the ‘All Golf’ roll-down in the middle of the page, and it’s usually under ‘Minor Tours’, although you’ll need the name of the specific events themselves. You can then find all the forthcoming games down the page center, allowing you to choose the ones you want.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

First you’ll want to select ‘Golf’ from down the left side of the page, which will then take you through to all the upcoming Golfing bets down the center of the screen. You’ll need the name of the event itself, as it typically doesn’t mention if it’s part of The Cactus Tours here. Underneath each one you can then find the different betting markets, taking you through to the relevant sections allowing you to create your betting coupon.

The Cactus Tour Betting Strategy:

There’s a lot to be made here, sometimes to the point of winning more than the players themselves do, with the odds varying wildly at this level. Placing smaller bets on more uncertain players is a good move, although it can sometimes be like paying for a lottery ticket. You really want to make the most of the handicaps, as these can definitely help level the playing field when it comes to professionals from higher up entering the ranks.
Pay close attention to the highlighted players, but don’t let any new up-and-coming stars slip on by, as they could be a potential windfall. Look at the odds provided and see which players with the highest have to offer, and what their history is, as you may find something everyone else has missed.

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